Think Service Manual

Manual sent. Sounds like you have at least one bad battery. The one that’s 10.2 volts would explain why you only have 3 bars.

Thanks David.

I will try to replace it to see if it gets me back on my feet. I would love to do your lithium conversion at some point. Sounds awesome.

Have a great day.

Just curious - was thinking about your answer. I got 3 bars because I charged with the battery charger - the QuiQ charger will NOT put charge into the cart because of the low voltage indicator (2 red blinks). The battery which is low is linked to the inbound charging cable - it is Driver side front of vehicle position (of the 2 east west oriented batteries on Driver side). Sorry to trouble you with more questions - just making sure I didn’t miss something in your answer. I’m looking online for battery replacement today 12v gel type. Thanks for all your help. Appreciate it.

Total voltage needs to be over 68 volts for the charger to work. It’s to protect from overcharging good batteries if one or more are bad.

I David , Could you please send me a manual my email is Thanks Michael!

Could you please help me with a manual so that i might get this 2002 Ford think working. Thank you.

I have a ford think 2002 can not get any power to the converter, and i only see one 72v to 12 v converter
is there suppose to be 2 converters, only found 1.Its a sevcon 4 wire connected plug.

Most have two, One on the front of the frame and another on the same frame rail but on the directly on the back side of it

I would like a copy of the service manual, if anyone could shoot it to me by email that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Hey David - Got a think that only has 20’ish volts to the 72v input on the DC/DC converter. I could really use a copy of the service manual with wiring schematic to help diag this! Can I get you to email it to

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2002 Ford think. Running fine with new batteries. Then I charged it. Unplugged and light for chafing stays on. Do you mind emailing me a manual? I cannot figure it out.

Hi David-I just bought a Think with a :warning: code. Thank you in advance for sending a copy of the service manual. My email is:

Hi David,

Just following up. I bought 2 new batteries to replace the one low one and the one right next to it in the lower tray. Hooked them up today and plugged back in. My quiq 912-7200 still shows the red flashing 2 lights on the lowest indicator. Checked the volt readings at the 2 terminals under the handbrake and it was 74.9.

Did I miss a reset step somewhere on the Quiq device?

When I first plug it in I get a the 80% battery indicator light showing me it’s a charge code 42 profile. (4 flashed then 2 flashes). I also pulled the fuses to see if there was any visible indicator if they were gone bad. I honestly couldn’t tell anything by looking at them.

Do you have a moment to share any thoughts about other issues I might consider to try? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I’m at the edge of my capabilities and appreciate your guidance.

Thanks so much.


Hi David ! Just bought a Think and was hoping I could get a copy of the manual.

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thank you sir.^^^^^^^^↑^^^^^^^^↑^^^^^^^↑