2002 Ford Think manuals

I just bought a 2002 Think and got the owners manual. Are there other manuals available to buy or download??


I guess nobody has any ideas about Owners Manual, and Service Manuals or where to get them??

Think 4 seater

I have the manuals and TSB’s. If you send me your email address I will send them to you.

Thank you David,
email address: djhinds68@gmail.com

Sent, let me know if it doesn’t show up.

I have found several mistakes in the manual, mostly in the pinpoint tests where the result will tell you to replace a part but it’s incorrect. Luckily I’ve been in the industry for many years and realized the manual was wrong before buying the parts. It’s mostly common sense but ask before buying a part if you’re unsure.

Thank you so much…… These downloads came thru great.

Do you have the Owners Manual I could download also??

Dave Hinds

Indio, CA


No I don’t have a copy of the owners manual, sorry

OK thank you. That is the only manual I don’t have. I am new to the Think and trying to figure out the operation of the dash display…

I will research on the internet.


If the cluster is dead go to page 119 in the electrical section and follow the pinpoint tests. Page 202 and 203 show the connectors. These are known for the instrument clusters going bad. There are two guys that rebuild them. One is in Florida and the other in California. The guy in Florida is Bob Cluster Guy and is easy to get a hold of. The California guy is Scott Taylor at Electrons in Motion who is slower to respond sometimes. I wouldn’t us anyone else. Bob uses an external dc/dc converter so it takes the heat away from the cluster and that’s what causes the damage. Electrons in Motion adds a heatsink to handle the excess heat.

I am also looking for the Service Manuals. Could you please send them to me as well?
I believe I have the owner’s manual if you would like me to scan and send that to you as well.

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Could I get the service manuals and tabs also



Manual sent>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

please send me the manual 2004 ford think
regular auto mechanic here never worked on one lol . turn key on and nothing. gonna have to do some checking :slight_smile:

thank you david


Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hello David,
New Think owner here, stumbled upon this great wealth of information. I’ve only had my think 1 day - it runs but I believe the cluster has issues i.e. the reset does not function. Other than that all seem ok with exception of the stereo amp etc. that is hooked up to it. I’ll be investigating that as I move forward, but horn, lights , blinkers-flasher and wipers work.

With that said I could really use the manual and any additional information you can provide.
email: oceanrover@earthlink.net

The reset button is separate from the cluster and they go bad all the time. You can either buy or make your own switch. Or replace the whole button decal assembly which is not cheap. Both are available on ebay or here https://www.nevaccessories.com/FORD-THINK-CLUSTER-DECAL-WITH-RESET-BUTTON/productinfo/THK-DRB/

Good I’ll be getting a new on, thank you for the link. Looks like I have a grey motor and D1 controller. So I am I correct in getting a D&D ES 18A Motor? Or can I get a bigger one that will fit? I’ll be up grading battery’s as well to 96V.
Also can you send me the manual?

I sent the manual over an hour ago. I’ll send again. Let me know if you don’t get it. Yes the D&D motor is a good choice. You will also have to get a D2 controller as well. You could also go with a AC motor and controller if you could get one to fit. Not a lot of room on the Thinks. Lots of people putting AC motors in the Gems and loving it.