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Continuing the discussion from Ford think:

Continuing the discussion from Ford think:

David Illingworth
Am a new member of the electric community forum. Just purchased a Ford Think. Been doing some research on the Think to help resolve a horn issue and I noticed that you are very knowledgeable on the Thinks.
I also noticed you have sent out via email the 2002 Ford Think Service manual. Would appreciate it if you could send me a copy since my knowledge is gear toward classic cars and not electric vehicles.
My email is.
Bob Von Rohr.

Manual sent <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I just picked up a 2002 Ford Think and need a service manual badly… Can someone email me the file to

I would love to get a service manual, I have had mine for two years now and time to do some maintenance! Thank you!


Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thank you sir!!!

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Really struggling to figure out how to fix my Think… Not sure what previous owner was doing with conversion to new Delta-Q charger and how to use the on-board DC converter. Can I please get a copy of the service manual sent to me?

Will need your email address Thank you!

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi…just got a Think and it’s missing a few bits to get it running. Primarily the cluster and dash. Could you please send me the service manual so I can get this thing back into service and enjoy? Thanks.

I sent you requested manuals on you personal email
Good luck with your new Think

Thank you so much. Been troubleshooting and these have been very helpful.