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Continuing the discussion from Ford think:

Continuing the discussion from Ford think:

David Illingworth
Am a new member of the electric community forum. Just purchased a Ford Think. Been doing some research on the Think to help resolve a horn issue and I noticed that you are very knowledgeable on the Thinks.
I also noticed you have sent out via email the 2002 Ford Think Service manual. Would appreciate it if you could send me a copy since my knowledge is gear toward classic cars and not electric vehicles.
My email is.
Bob Von Rohr.

Manual sent <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I just picked up a 2002 Ford Think and need a service manual badly… Can someone email me the file to

I would love to get a service manual, I have had mine for two years now and time to do some maintenance! Thank you!


Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thank you sir!!!

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Really struggling to figure out how to fix my Think… Not sure what previous owner was doing with conversion to new Delta-Q charger and how to use the on-board DC converter. Can I please get a copy of the service manual sent to me?

Will need your email address Thank you!

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hi…just got a Think and it’s missing a few bits to get it running. Primarily the cluster and dash. Could you please send me the service manual so I can get this thing back into service and enjoy? Thanks.

I sent you requested manuals on you personal email
Good luck with your new Think

Thank you so much. Been troubleshooting and these have been very helpful.

Hello new to Thinks and this forum. I just bought two Thinks home last night. A blue and a green, after looking these over these are two very different cars. Blue is Gel batteries with the yellow charger and green is wet cells.

Manuals would be great

Hi David, I also just bought a Think pickup, only gave $150, my 1st, and would like to get the manuals also if you don’t mind to send them, thanks,Terry

Manuals sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thank you very much, I am use to 48 volt electric carts but this is my 1st think

You got it for a great price. Once you get all the bugs worked out they’re great.

It had the wet cell batteries and all were dry, put acid in and so far 2 are taking charge, hoping all do so can see if it will fire up. It’s blue and some delamination, rear fender damage, windshield gone but nothing I can’t restore myself, just hope the motor and instrument gage still good

I have not seen a way to test them till the batteries are charged, was supposed to be running 2 yrs ago