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I have a 2002 Ford Think with new batteries and new cluster. When I unplug to use the plug in sign on the cluster shows up and the car will not go. Its saying its still plugged in. Any suggestion?:confused::confused:

check the charger interlock circuit.

how can i check the charger interlock circuit

I tried to find an electrical diagram for a think but couldn’t. Do you have one? What brand of charger do you have? Is the service switch in the run mode?

Got this off the Buggies Gone Wild Website.

Finally Found a Delta Q charger had to upgrade the daughter board in the charger to get it to actually believe it wasn’t plugged in. The original charger was packed full of water. Then it came back with a failed cluster, sent off and a month later same thing. When it is working it works great… But when its not it sits for months at a time on a diminished parts supply chain thats completely dwindled.

Here is info on newer models.
Good trouble tree.

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Copy all 5 PDF’s

Go to Think4 page 31 for trouble shooting tree for your problem.


Did you ever come up with a solution for your THINK showing it was charging on the display even when not plugged in? I have the same problem. Did you have to replace the charger? Just a switch?
Would love to know. Thanks

Does the car run? Ground the interlock inhibit wire to battery negative. If light stays on when the circuit is grounded then your instrument cluster is bad. If it goes out check the circuit between cluster and charger. If circuit is good then your charger is the problem. Charger should send a ground signal when the extension cord is not plugged in. The inhibit wire is pin 13 GN/BK wire on the 20 pin white instrument cluster connector. If the cluster is bad make sure voltage is not being sent on the charge inhibit circuit as that will fry the cluster. I have the shop manual which would help if you don’t have it. Send your email if you need it.

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Thanks for you response. The car does not run since the charging light has been illuminated.

Sounds like a headache :face_with_head_bandage:

Craig J. Kohlbrecher


Please send the manual when you have time. Very much appreciated.

Craig J. Kohlbrecher

Manual sent. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

Ford replaced the chargers under warranty and the charger wiring was changed. I sent a copy of the TSB’s so look at TBS 04-24-9 to see how the wiring was changed. An easy way to see if you have the updated charger is to look at the connector that goes to the charger. If it’s a four terminal plug then you have the updated charger. If it’s a 9 terminal plug then yours never got the new charger.

You can run a jumper wire to ground at the 4 or 9 pin connector at the charger depending on which charger you have. The wire is green if you have the updated charger and green with a black stripe if the charger wasn’t updated.

David, will you please send the manual my way too, thank you. Got a relay clicking, and dealing with a very short battery life.
Thank you.

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Hi, David
Could you send me the manual for the ford think , I have a electrical issue.
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Thank you

Manual sent >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Hi, David
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You can try and send it to my other email

Hi, David
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Sent again from two different emails, let me know if it doesn’t work. I know gmail works so you might have to set up an account with them.