Hooking up new charger

I purchased a 912-7200 Delta Q Charger to replace the original silver charger. The new charger hooks directly to the batteries and charging the batteries work perfect. Now the problem, I thought I could just unscrew the 9 pin connector at the old charger and remove it but that makes the charge icon on the dash light up. Does anyone know what the easiest way to delete the silver charger would be ? Can I just run a wire from pin 13 (Charger Inhibit) to the battery negative ?

Thank you.

Yes you can just ground the charge inhibit circuit to bypass it.

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Thank you for the reply. I went ahead and grounded the inhibit wire and the car now moves and I was able to remove the old silver charger. One thing that is weird, the charge symbol is off but comes on whenever I touch the accelerator. The car keeps moving it just has the symbol on. Is there a way to make the symbol go out too ?

Where did you ground the wire to? It should be grounded directly to battery #1 negative post. Using the chassis for ground does not work on these.

I grounded it to the battery 1 negative. I used the inhibit wire at the old 9 pin connector, maybe it needs to be at the cluster ?

Hi David I am new here looking to solve this same issue. I replaced the 910-7201 with a 912-7200 I plugged in all four wires including the interlock green wire and plugged in the ac cord. The battery charger worked and fully charged the batteries but now the ac cord light is staying on in the dash display. Could I have damaged the cluster? Thanks for your halo in advance.

Yes if the green wire has any power at all from the charger it will blow a resistor in the instrument cluster. Most delta q chargers interlocks work with sending a voltage signal instead of a ground signal. The Ford Think interlock works with a ground signal. So disconnect the green wire and check it for any power with or without the charger plugged in on the interlock circuit. If it does you need to bypass the interlock and run the green wire straight to battery #1 ground and recheck. Chances are the cluster will need repairing.

Thank you for your quick response. I unplugged the delta charger interlock wire, and re started the charger again to read the voltage coming out from the interlock. I placed the + lead of my voltmeter on the 6th battery positive end, and the - lead on the delta charger green wire and got the same voltage as the battery pack.
So I left that interlock wire unplugged now and found out that pin 14 comes straight from the ground battery #1 I tapped on that wire to feed onto pin 13 but still couldn’t get the icon to turn off.

Because there was voltage on the interlock circuit the instrument cluster will need repairing.

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I understand thank you. I saw you recommended Bob the cluster guy on Florida and you mentioned someone in California. Do you happen to have more info about him? I’m also in California. If I’m nearby I can just stop by and drop it off for repair. Thanks again I really appreciate all your help.

Scott Taylor is the one in California. He is also on this site. His company name is Electron in Motion. 209-334-2099