New DeltaQ Charger Wiring Different from original

2005 Gem e2 replaced the original Delta-Q charger (912-7212) with the newer Delta-Q 912-7200. It’s said the newer models are not direct replacements but there is a simple work around to bypass the interlock system on the Gem’s. The older model has the Green wire went to the Gem Green wire, The Black wire went to Controller Neg. The Red wire went to the +72v on the PSDM. The White wire went the Black wire going back to Battery #1 Neg Post.
The newer Delta-Q charger has the Black & White wires molded together. What is the work around to hook it up properly?
Thanks and I have the older Delta-Q 7212 for sale if anyone needs it make offer.

easy. just hook up red, black and green. the new version white is already hooked to ground so you don’t need to do anything

why are you changing chargers?

@LithiumGods - I think he means that the new chargers do have the green interlock wire enabled or possibly even included.

Someone check me but I think he can just hook up the green wire from the GEM to +72v (or B-, I don’t remember which one) to bypass the interlock.

I thought the 912-7200 has a green wire. Can you post a picture of the wires on the new charger?

Also a picture of the 912-7212. To he best of my knowledge 2005 didn’t come with that model.

Thanks Michael, when adding the new Delta-q that is what I did a few years ago and everything works fine.
My concern is I have two 16ga black wires coming off the #1 Battery Neg side following along side of the two 72 v cables
They must be from the factory because they are inside the braided jacket of the two 72v cables going to the PSDM.
One 16ga is connected to the -72 volt and the other had been connected to the (16ga white wire) on the older Deltaq charger, I can remove that 16ga wire but can I remove the other 16ga wire going to the Signal ground on the PSDM?

I had changed the Deltaq a few years ago when I had upgraded to AGM batteries, just needed to clean up some older loose 16 ga wires that are no longer needed, plus this might help others in the future, seems everyone is wanting these GEM’s now and also getting them ready for a lithium upgrade.

Here is the picture of the 912-7212, difference is the white and black are not molded together like on the newer 912-7200.

Now it makes a lot more sense why it had two black 16 ga wires coming off the #1 battery neg side, someone had changed the Deltaq charger before I bought it, but since it was inside the braided cable I thought it was factory.
Can I remove the 16 ga black wire from the negative post on the #1 battery going to the -72v on the PSDM?

the 2 wires are for the factory temp sensor. the 2 wires in back plugged into sensor. upfront one went to battery- and the other went to white wire. Your new charger has the built in temp sensor so you didn’t need it. FYI I have to eliminate the sensor on the new charger when upgraded to lithium.

Don post a picture of the model number label if you would

Is that just cutting the white wire or is it trickier than that? I’ve got one of these 912-7200s laying around that I’m sure I’ll use for a future lithium project.

yes, cutoff sensor and connect the 2 wires

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The White wire is the temp sense wire. It goes to a little sensor at the end of a lug that connects to a post of the battery so it can get a sense of internal battery temp. On 2005~09(?) cars this sensor looks just like a big uncrimped lug terminal with two little wires coming out of it. Electrically this lug is NOT connected to the two wires exiting the lug. It can go on any battery terminal but usually hangs out on the first batt (-) under the seat. The charger white wire dives into the harness, goes all the way back to this temp sensor and back up to the front of the car and attaches to a good B- somewhere up there(sometimes on controller, sometimes on PSDM).

If you get a newer aftermarket charger, the white wire is molded in with the temp sensor. It is connected to the black wire and tied to the loop it bolts down to. It looks like a molded cube. This wire HAS to be put on a B- because it is the NEG leg of your charger.

If you are not using a profile that needs a temp signal (lithium) then you need to cut the white wire out or just cut off the whole molded assembly and use it directly on any B-(bypassing the hidden temp sensor in the cube).

Here is the photo of the model information

it is a 910-7200 , That is the original charger for Gem

FWIW, Emmy has this sensor. 2015 eM1400, 48v.

The black wire from my older Deltaq was attached to the Neg terminal on my Controller.
I had attached the newer Deltaq with the black and white wires molded together to the same place, everything seemed to be working for the last few years, but as I said there were two 16ga black wires coming from the #! battery neg side, they both went up front, one was used to attach to the white wire on the old deltaq and the other was attached to the Neg side of the PSDM.
Here is a picture of my PSDM, the one black wire attaches to the bottom right side.

QUESTION REMAINS: do I still need the 16ga wire coming off the neg post of my battery going to the (-72v) terminal on the PSDM?

It’s the last loose wire that needs taken care of, trying to make it look more professional under the seat and dash.

Michael will make the necessary changes to the new Delta-Q charger I sent him, then it should be all good.

Thank you guys for all your help and guidance, I really enjoy being a member of the forum.