Schott To Delta Q Charger

I recently switched from a Schott to a Delta Q charger and now I need some help with where to route the old wires so I can finally remove the old charger. Can anyone please tell me where the wires need to go after I remove them from the old charger? Thanks

What did you other folks with Schott chargers do with these wires? Did you just leave the old charger plugged in?

Ok, I wanted to try again and see if anybody knows where to make my connections so I can get rid of this charger on the bottom of my floor. Once I pull the green\white plug, what do I need to connect those to? Same question for the other wires. Thanks

Connect the two interlock wires together and car will run.
I don’t know which colors.

I guess I should clarify but the car does run. The problem is that I want to get rid of the old charger that is sitting on the floor. That means that I need to know where to hook up the brn\green, brn\yel wires as well as the green and white wires coming from the other plug.