Schott To Delta Q Charger

I recently switched from a Schott to a Delta Q charger and now I need some help with where to route the old wires so I can finally remove the old charger. Can anyone please tell me where the wires need to go after I remove them from the old charger? Thanks

What did you other folks with Schott chargers do with these wires? Did you just leave the old charger plugged in?

Ok, I wanted to try again and see if anybody knows where to make my connections so I can get rid of this charger on the bottom of my floor. Once I pull the green\white plug, what do I need to connect those to? Same question for the other wires. Thanks

Connect the two interlock wires together and car will run.
I don’t know which colors.

I guess I should clarify but the car does run. The problem is that I want to get rid of the old charger that is sitting on the floor. That means that I need to know where to hook up the brn\green, brn\yel wires as well as the green and white wires coming from the other plug.

I am in the process of the same convergence. The green and white wires are your battery voltage lines . I believe white is + and green is-. The black and red wires go to the LED on your steering wheel and are only an indicator of charging.The third connector has three wires on it and I believe the red wire is you interlock wire . I am not 100% sure but it looks like you must bring + 72V to enable the run mode. The other two remaining wires are for temperature sensing. I not believe you have two wires to twist together to by pass the interlock. I am not up and running yet but heading in that direction. Any comments from any one else would be appreciated.Thanks, Al

I was wondering if you found out were all the wires went and how to bypass the interlocks.
I just bought a 2002 gem that the guy put new gel batteries and a Delta Q charger it hasn’t run since.

There is some info in the linked post below about the Schott. I don’t remember what color the interlock wires are on a DQ. You can always just jumper the harness interlock wires together and the cart will run. You just have to remember to not accidentally drive off with the charge cable still attached.

On the GEM harness it is the green wire -