Gem car interlock (Schott to Delta Q)

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Hello everyone-

Hoping you can help with my interlock issue. I’m doing the Schott to Delta Q conversion on my 2002 Gem. There are small, think gauge black and yellow wires coming out of the Delta Q, and I believe that’s for the interlock. The cart won’t run right now unless the Schott is still plugged in. I know there are two wires on the 8 pin out of the Schott that are supposed to be for the interlock- could you tell me which ones? I have black/yellow, red/green, and green/black. I do not have a conversion harness.



depends which model deltaq you have

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Edit: It depends on if your car has has the DC Converter update done to it yet?
Do you know what that is?

Update installed?
This means your key/interlock loop is a +12v signal and might not even be in this location any longer.

No update?
The schott has two plugs going into the bottom. Each plug has two wires. Maybe 3?

Oddly enough we need one wire from each plug.
My memory says one wire is green, and the other is Red/green.

You need to connect those 2 wires together. And your interlock will be bypassed. If you put a 10a fuse inline it should protect anything if I am wrong.

LG is correct. It depends on which charger you are putting in. Some DQ chargers will not support the early car interlock.

Show us what you have.

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Don’t all the 99-04 have the power connector on the front of the drivers seat? Or was it just ones with bench front seats (trucks and coupes)?

If its on the front of the seat, just jumper the cars interlock cables together. If you miss the extension cord plugged in betweeen your legs before you drive off, then maybe the best course of action is to take the car out to a desolate area, shoot it, light it on fire, crush it with a bulldozer and finally launch the pieces into a decaying orbit around the sun.

Good point!
There is a thread buried in the archives that suggested the policy at work was to charge the forklifts by looping the power cord through the steering wheel as a reminder not to drive off with it plugged in.

Analog interlock?

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I remember that thread.

I actually toss the 120v extension cord / charge cable across the operator platform on aerial lifts & PITs if they are parked in a way that you can’t see the charge cord on approach to the operator platform. Depending on the age, the machine might not have an interlock.

IIRC, the interlock wires are the small gauge orange and orange/green on the 02