Delta Q interlock burnout

Hi guys, my 2001 E4 GEM just returned from service at a GEM dealer as it stopped running. The Interlock on the stock charger was burned out so they installed a new DQ charger. Within a day the interlock on the new charger burned out so they replaced the DQ under warranty and installed a 3 amps fuse on the small black wire out of the DQ to protect it. The fuse burned twice in the last 2 weeks while driving the car. Any idea what may be causing this?

Sounds like you got an exposed wire grounding out somewhere

I didn’t do the conversion from the stock charger to the delta-Q. The interlock wires coming out of the delta q are 2 small wires (yellow and black) and one is connected to the B- and the other one to a green/red wire out of the main harness. When I connect the green/red wire to B- I still get not ignition. I have purchased a T2 controller from Grant and I replaced my stock T1 by the T2 and still no ignition. How do I bypass the interlock to rule that out?

Jumper red-green and green in the photo together.

The interlock is nothing more than a pass through circuit. When the charger comes on, it opens a relay, this breaks the circuit and prevents you from driving away with the extension cord connected

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No luck. No clonk when I do this. Just the beep.

I found the gremlin!!! Connection on the key switch fell off… All good now…