Delta Q connection

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My Gem yr is 2000, the switch is the one under the back seat the main disconnect, one side of the switch goes to positive side of one battery, and the other side goes to negative side of the other battery. That is were I’m connecting the wires from the DQ.

Connecting the charger in the middle of the pack is probably not going to end well.


The black from the DQ goes to the B- terminal (right hand side) of the controller The red goes to the B+ terminal post next to the main solenoid. in reality those are the only 2 wires you need to charge your batteries. The ignition interlock wires can be jumped. CAUTION JUMPING THE INTERLOCK ENABLES YOU TO MOVE THE CAR WITH THE CHARGER PLUGGED IN.

The battery’s were only 67% charged but the charger would show full charge. I was looking @ delta q website, and what I said, that the delta q 912-7200 is not used on GEM or Polaris carts. But it would not specified further. Is any body familiar with this issue?

What leads you to believe batteries were only charged 67%? If the charger completed a cycle, batteries are full.

the chargers are the same .The Gem chargers have a different plug .