Gem/Delta issues

I have a 2001 GEM with an aftermarket Delta Q charger replacement.

I removed the charger intending to check it and put it right back in so there was no need to take a picture or anything else. (goes to show you all how stupid I am). Anyway, something happened and it was almost two weeks before I could get back to it. While searching for a wiring diagram I ran across an old thread that seems to be close to my issue.
Is there anyone who will take pity on an old ■■■■■ and post a schematic for an early GEM with an aftermarket DeltaQ charger so I can refresh my apparently non existent memory?

You guys might be my last hope as I have been searching the net for over a week now with no positive results.

Thanks in advance, for your help.


On GEM e2-6 2013MY …
white - (temperature sensor) >>> orange-gray
green (charger interlock) >>>> dark green
black (12th awg) >>>>> 72 GND terminal on PSDM (Ground 72v)
Red (12 Awg) >>>>> 72V terminal on PSDM (BAT+)