2014 Gem with Delta Charger

Helping a friend do a lithium upgrade to his 2014. He tore out the Delta Q to have the algo changed but didnt label his wires. Charger is back in and Im completely at a loss where the Green Interlock wire goes. It has a male spade and there is nothing within reach of the wire to even attach to.

Anyone have an idea? Diagram shows it going to the PSDM.

If your running a Lithium profile =
DQ Black to Controller Negative
DQ Red to Battery Positieve

If you have a four wire DQ then the White wire from the DQ goes to any -72 ground and Green from the charger go to nothing- tape it off.

Green wire from Gem harness goes to any constant 72+V

If you have the newer style DQ then pin 1 goes to 72V ground, like White wire above.

Thanks Mike, I saw an earlier post of yours and was going to DM you.

The harness plugs into the PSDM, off that is a black with a ring, I’m guessing that is a 12v ground, right to the frame.

The red I have right now going to PSDM 72+, black to PSDM 72-. I can easily put that to the controller pos and neg. I have to check the profile Dave put in, if I remember it’s the 98v.

White to the temp sensor

Green cap off

Car won’t run without the green interlock power from charger.
White goes to BMS or B-.

I’m at a loss for this green. It just doesn’t have a home that I can find.

White goes to an orange with blue stripe, that heads to the rear seat. There is a temp sensor…

then an orange with a black stripe heads back to the PSDM -72v. That does also go to the B- on the BMS.

It all changed with the Lithium profile on the charger - Ignore the orange and orange/black wires now.

White needs to be -72v grounded, you can do that from the charger black wire or any other -72 source.

The green wire in the harness of the GEM can go to any +72v source or I guess the green wire from the charger can connect to the green wire in the harness as @Inwo has said, but I have always just hooked it straight to +72v and capped off the green wire coming from the charger.

Awesome, thank you. The harness to the PSDM has a black with a grounding ring. That would go straight to the frame?

It might but you don’t want the White wire to the frame you want it to -72v from the battery, the frame is 12v.

This green in the harness?


I don’t know I have never followed mine a the way to the PSDM. Where does the other end of that green wire go?

I thought this would have been the easier one! Charger…

Look right?


This is the dc-dc converter

Colors should be the same. 12v system is grounded to frame.

If the car runs it’s fine. If not it needs +72v from charger.
The one Mike runs to B+72v normally gets power from charger.
Then car doesn’t run when plugged in to ac.

Oh. Did not know it had a dc/dc converter in it.
Your pic is all correct. The connector plugs in to your PSDM under the dash.

Must be a dark green someplace.

Thank you gentlemen.

Dave, thats what Im thinking, but I cant find it! The connector (male spade) on the green doesnt have a mark on it, so Im thinking it must not be used.