Ford Think Delta-Q 922-7254 Charger Upgrade (Rewire Guide)

I recently bought a Ford Think Neighbor which has had the stock on-board charger replaced and now has the Delta-Q QuiQ-Icon On-Board 72V Battery Charger 922-7254 With DC/DC Converter. The conversion was never completed by the the PO and is a real mess. What other modifications are needed to fully convert this over from the OEM DC/DC converters to the integrated converts in the 922-7254 charger? Should I use the integrated connectors on the 922-7254 (Anderson Powerpole & the Deutsch 8-Pin harness)? Any help will be appreciated as I don’t see any technical documentation on the site for wiring diagrams on either the Delta-Q - Deutsch Harness (8Pin) LED - Battery Temp Sensor - NO-NC relay or the Delta-Q - Anderson PP75 2x2 Stacked Accessory Kit.

Who else has completed this conversion correctly and has notes on what needs to be done? Thanks in advance for any help given!

I bought the proper connecters as I’m anal and like things to be easy if I ever need to remove the charger down the road.

This website shows you which wires go where. It’s pretty simple and works great.

Delta-Q Technologies QuiQ Charger | Manualzz

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Same here, I like things to be clean and detailed. So I guess you purchased both the connector kits I mentioned from What relay is being referenced? the DC/DC relay? Does the Think use a normally open or normally closed relay?

You don’t need any relays. The four pin connector that’s Red, White, Black and Blue is your 12 volts out of the charger. Black is 12 volts ground, Red is 12 volts positive all the time, Blue is to switch 12 volts on/off on the White terminal. So if you want 12 volts all the time you use the black and red terminals. If you want to switch the 12 volts on/off you use the black, blue and white.

The green two pin connector goes to battery pack 72 volt positive and negative.

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So you are just using the Anderson Powerpoles off the 922-7254 charger and connecting them to the Red & Black wires from the 4 pin OEM harness that went to the DC/DC converter. The Deutsch connector is what I was asking about regarding the battery temp sensor and relay connections.The original Charger plug on mine has been cut off and I have these wires connected to nothing.
the Deutsch connector shows the following pin outs:

You would use the Deutsch connector if you want to hook up the interlock. I haven’t bothered to figure out how to do it. If you go this route make 100% sure you have no power on the interlock signal wire with the extension cord plugged in and when it’s not plugged in. If voltage is present it will fry a resistor in the instrument cluster.

Yes disconnect the old dc/dc converters and tape off the two orange wires as they won’t be needed. the other two are you 12 volt power and ground that hooks up to the charger

What is the interlock used for?

I received some assistance from customer support @ evdrives on the wiring conversion for a 922-7200 to 922-7254. This is helpful but not exactly the same as the harness used with the original 72010-05 DELTA charger with the 9-pin connector. I see that the tsb04-24-09 explains what I found in the dash of my Think. What I thought was someone being creative was actually the tsb update to the 910-7201 charger with the stub harness. Every day more light is shed on what is going on with my little Think… :slight_smile:

Can you help me.out here. My charger also went out QuiQ model 910-7201 I have 6 new Deka 8G31 batteries. Can you guide me on which charger to purchase for replacement and where I can find the wiring modification guide. I currently have the 4 pin connector that goes to the charger. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What makes you think your charger went out?
What are your symptoms?
Depending on what the issue is it might be worth having someone take a look at it.

Also, What car is this installed in and what year?

The charger had major corrosion under the cover, it had no output to the batteries, I sent it to FSIP and they confirmed its done. The car is a 2002 Ford think.

Buy from @LithiumGods , he will show you how to connect and supplies the connectors.

Thanks I messaged him.

OK- Thanks for humoring me. I just wanted to make sure it was properly diagnosed. I hate to see people throw away money when they don’t have to.

Knowing what killed it is a bonus. I’d look at how water might have gotten in, avoid doing whatever it was in the future, and possibly look into mounting it in another location?

99% i can get you taken care of. Chargers are the same, wiring is what makes them different. Send me a picture of the wire outputs.

My buddy has a used oem Ford Think charger he would probably sell. Wiring up the new style chargers are easy and I would go with the one with the built-in dc/dc converter if you haven’t already replaced the factory ones.

Hi Johnny, did you complete the assembly of the charger? If so, would you mind sharing pictures of the wiring you did? I’m receiving my new charger tomorrow.


Did you complete the assembly? Is it possible to share pictures if you have? Thank you

I contacted @LithiumGods and he said he never worked on the Ford Think.