Charging Issues

I have an opportunity to buy a Ford Think. The price is good. The seller says that the onboard charger is not working. It shows “ERR” on the dash. I will have to troubleshoot.

Are there any repair mnanuals on the Think?


Send me your email and I’ll send you the manuals. Not much to the charging system at all. If it turns out to be a bad charger you can upgrade to the newest version for $275. You just need to rewire it which is pretty straight forward. The charger also has a built in DC to DC convertor that you will need when the original DC to DC convertors go bad.


Thanks for your help. The cart doesn’t look too complicated. I just didn’t want to get over my head.


What do we want?.. A time machine!
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Yes if you know basic electricity and know how to use a multimeter they are fairly simple. Let us know what you find as I have never run into the ERR light being on. If you still need the shop manual just send me your email and I’ll send it right over. You can private message it to me if you don’t want to share it with the whole world

Can you send me a Manual?

Hi David, thanks so much for being helpful in this forum. I am about to pull the trigger on a think. Per the owner needs batteries, new charger as he took it out and a new 72v to 12v converter for the instrument panel. Fully understood there most likely will be more involved. Ready for the project, I think… any advice or other boards to frequent to help me get started on this adventure?


Ya I would go into it thinking that it will need pretty much everything so I hope your getting it cheap. If you message me your email address I’ll send you the service manual. Just know you have to be smarter than the manual as I have come across several mistakes in it. If I had to do it from scratch like you I would be going with a lithium pack. It will cost more and will take a lot more time but the end result is worth it in my eyes.

Also if you need a new charger you might as well buy the new delta q charger that has a built in dc to dc convertor so you can eliminate the two stock dc to dc convertors. Last I seen evdrives had the charger for $260 shipped which is a great price. You will just have to do a little wiring to make it work. You will also need to know which batteries you are getting prior to ordering so they can program the right algorithm into it before they ship it.

Thanks David, I appreciate it. Email is