Delta Q

Good Morning Dave!

Unfortunately, I gave up on the Lithium Idea for this time round… That said, I believe I am in need of a new charger…

I might need one of your Delta Qs with the DC Converter. First off, do you still have any? Is it the model, 922-7252? Thirdly, are you familiar with the Think connector requirements?



Yes, I have generic DCI chargers. If you send me your charger, I can put your connectors and leads on the new charger.
Or I can mark or customize the wires.

Great! Let me make sure that is the issue for sure…

Charger has AC power light on solid. It is flickering, not blinking, on the “l” position on the ammmeter… If I thump the top, it scrolls to the top and comes back down, then there is a solid light on the “l”, then it starts flickering…

Will be in touch!




Pounded the top and now it seems to be charging at the top level. Solid light…

That will be a tough repair. A solder joint IMO, but to find it.
You know? I saw a post on a known issue with solder joint. Let me look for it.

This makes a lot of sense. Never ran into it myself.
Can I make this topic public?

Wow! That is pretty much what I am dealing with! Bummer… I just got the charger put back in the Think… Bit of a chore.

Will see how it goes and will check that out.

Public is fine.

Thanks Dave, I will keep you posted.



Are the “generic” DCI chargers, Delta Q?

Just in case I can’t get this repair to work, what cost am I looking at?

Is there an C14 connector on the charger? If so, is it male or female?

Thanks again!


Yes delta-q dci. I don’t know what a C14 is.

It’s a connector for the ac power that I have seen on the Delta Qs. Often used for electronics like computers, tvs, monitors, etc.

Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, I know what that is. I refer to it as an IEC plug. Thought you were referring to a dc connector.
My DQ chargers use a C14 input.


Will be pulling my DQ tomorrow to see if I can solder that connection… Tougher, for the Think and to make things more challenging, no connector inline. It’s hard wired.

On your DCI, I am trying to figure how I could connect the internal DC/DC to my Think connector? My converter is getting weak and would like to have the internal in your DQ as a back up, if I have to go that route if the soldering doesn’t do the trick.



I believe there has been some discussion of that.
Maybe someone will let us know.

Hello Dave, hope all is well!

I had soldered the shunt in my old Delta Q 910 from my Think and it’s gotten my through until now… It’s acting up again. Same flashing lights and moving up and down the charging levels fast, etc.

So, I think I am looking for the 912-7200, (not the D1). I will by pass the interlock. Do you have any in stock?