Delta q 922-7200-4b

Hello Dave, I’m looking for a delta q 922-7200-4b Charger/DC converter. Was thinking I read a while back you might have one for sale or can get one? I sent my old one to FSIP, after 1 month they said they can’t rebuild it.
I am also going to need another MM, is it still the same PayPal account?

Dustin Larson

I would need your old charger unless you rewire the new one.
Yes, same PP info.

Sounds good. Maybe I can have them send my core straight to you from PA? How much are you thinking to do that for me?

That will work.
$*** for a new dci charger that will plug into the same plugs.
What was wrong with yours?

I fix up Gems for my neighbors, mostly ones that have been sitting and need new battery’s. I got this 2013 E6 and the guy didn’t know anything about them at all so he chopped battery cables trying to get it to turn on. I put some new Gel battery’s in it and fixed the cables, turned on the key and nothing. Checked for 72+ volts at the front and was good but no 12 volt at all. I plugged in the charger and no lights on it, verified with a different power cord and nothing. Pulled the charger and opened it to find what looks like severe water damage, almost like salt water damage. My battery guy told me to send it to FSIP, they were sure they could fix it. Got the call today it was unrepairable and that they would keep it and scrap it for me or they will send it back. Give me the address you would like it sent to and I will have them send it tomorrow. Thanks Dave

David Bissen
100 Falls st
Hokah, Mn. 55941

Add po box for USPS 496

Hello Dave,
I just got the tracking number for the charger. It says it will be to you on Monday from UPS. Thanks again for your help, the people are excited to get this running. Let me know the total with shipping and a MM and I will send the Pay Pal over.


What batteries do you want it set to, GEL? Not AGM, correct?

$*** with the MM shipped.

Yes Gel please

Pay Pal sent.
Thanks Dave

Hello Dave, thanks for the quick turnaround on the charger. I got it installed and it will now light up the 12 volt but has squares around R, DL, DH flashing in the dash. It will then select R, and DL but doesnt show DH square light up when in that position, nothing else is lit up that shouldn’t be.

The charger goes into a weird light sequence and sounds like it keeps clicking on and off. The cart also won’t move. When I got it, it was completely dead and wouldn’t turn on anything at all. Any suggestions would be awesome, thank you!


Other than batteries charger should work. It’s new.
72v at red and black charger wire?
72v at green charger wire tested from black wire.
I wouldn’t worry about display issues other than the charge indicator when charging.
To get car to run, all controller inputs need to be right. Easy with sentry sw, but difficult probing.
Are you near any Gem gurus like Michael in Fl.?
There are about 6 gems, all with display issues and non running cars. One of them was the key switch. I have not been able to help the others.
I should make this public for more input.

Thanks Dave, I will start checking voltages tomorrow. It been so long since I took it apart. I sorted out the dash issue and found the blue wire loose on the selector switch. The charger is still doing the same light sequence when plugged in and no charge indicator on the dash. The contactor does not click over so I will check voltage. You can make this public if you like.


Update: While checking voltage I realized the previous owner had the black wires from the charger power cord and the J4 connector crossed and I went ahead and reinstalled them that way following my markings on the cables. Charger works great! I then found the brake light stuck on due the red/white wire not on blade 6 of the PSDM. That now fixed it has a code 11. Checked voltage on pin 7 of the controller and it stays at 3.6 volt at idle and until half way through the pedal then turns to MV. Pin 3 starts at MV instead of the 4.0v it should have. Does anyone know of a way to fix this dual output Hall effect sensor without buying the whole assembly? Or buy just sensor? It’s a E227-00

You need to buy the whole assembly. I don’t think the new model is that expensive. If it is a Saturn throttle will work for the pot sensor. It can be modified internally for a switch or a hall switch added externally.
P7 should go from 1v to 3v with throttle. Are wires correct? P3 and P7 mixed up?

How would you like to monitor controller inputs rather than using a meter?

Ok the whole assembly it is. Looks like $350 from Polaris. In the 23 pin connector on the controller, P7 is black w/purple. It shows 3.6 volts off the pedal, not touching it. Then when slowly pushing it down it stays the same until half way through then turns to milli volts. P3 is orange w/ yellow. Just trying to make sure I’m not missing something. Looks like it thinks you are pressing the pedal. What tool is that you are using?

Sentry Ge sw. Made a harness for @LithiumGods.
P3 and P7 seem backwards.
P3 should go to near zero with throttle press. Fs1
P7 from <1v to >3v wot. Pot wiper

I don’t have schematic for that throttle connector.

I can double check, everything in that part looks stock and untouched. The pedal sweep seems to have a large flat spot from the beginning to the middle. This is what I am using.