Delta q 922-7200-4b

How much for the GE software and cable? I work on enough of them it would be nice

That might be enough info to build a throttle from one I have here.
Sw is cheap. Do you have a programming cable?
I sell them for $150.
The inline monitor system is a little complex to build, but I can show you how to hot wire it to save money.

Do you think you could build me a throttle and ship me the cable and instructions? Polaris here wants $300 and 2 weeks before I get it. How much are you thinking? I can send you my old throttle later if you want it. Thanks for your help Dave. Its a little intimidating chating with someone who’s helpful post I have been reading for years😁

Do you want just the sensor or the whole bracket? I will test voltages at the harness first and let you know. I would also like to get the cable from you. It should work on all 23 pin connectors? I will send payment later today. So your thinking this is not my problem? Also found this sensor, looks like they make it but don’t sell it.

Yes, it needs programming. Probably at factory.
I have a VDO brand pedal here that will work on Gems. Don’t know where I got it though.

The monitor cable for Michael was a custom proof of concept. I keep hoping that someone will take my work and produce something. After design, it’s just production, and I’m not looking for another job. :slight_smile:
The readings from P3 and P7 make no sense. I will know once I get the harness volts.

This is the monitor board that plugs inline with 23p plug.

Not as complex as it looks. This board was from another project that had, go-no go, leds for each pin.
Maybe I can make another one to lend you for testing. Or show you how to make a simple program port for each car you work on. That’s what I do with my own cars.

Here are the readings at the APS unplugged key on.
A. 4.8
B. 0
D. 4.9
E. 0
F. 4.6

That’s the in-line jumper? Awesome! Right now I have a wide variety of carts here. 1999 w/ 3.5 motor, 2002, 2007 w/7.0hp blue motor (my cart) and the 2013 E6. Let me know what you think would work best for me. Would like to get the E6 back to my neighbor as soon as I can, they use all 6 seats!:grin:

The inline one that you can move from car to car is more money. I think that you will do fine with what I give you.
Shipping is all slow, so I don’t see getting you a throttle fix before next week.
Untested at that. I think that I’ll send both throttles for you to test. I will need the whole throttle assembly for me to test.
Volts look correct.

Hi Dave: I saw CarlsbadGEM’s note to you. I have a similar need. My 92-7200-04B was sent out for repair and today they are sending it back un-repaired. I’ll keep this brief . . . what do you recommend?

Kind regards,


Rather than tacking on to the bottom of a 2 year old non related topic, it is probably better if you start your own and get solutions more tuned to your issue.


Absolutely right! As a newbie . . . I can’t find where to post, only reply. How do I post what I’m trying to find out? The 922-7200-4b unit is not charging and needs replaced or rebuilt. My rebuilder is returning it to me un-repaired (parts unavailable). Before I ‘adapt’ something else, my hope is that others can help here.


Hi A-Rqd.

Figured it out, posting, and am ‘pending’. Thanks for the pointer. I was a little ‘shy’ about beginning a new topic, your encouragement helped, helped, helped (I am not a robot!).