Delta-Q chargers for sale. 72v New. Lead or Lithium. Pre 2005 comes with adapter cables

New Delta-q chargers. These are set for lead batteries but I can reprogram them for Lithium too. Algorithms for Flooded, Agm, Gel, or lithium are available. If purchased for lead can be upgraded to lithium in the future. These are the best chargers made for a Gem car.

Hi! I have a 2005 e4, and I’m looking to buy either the Tesla or Honda batteries from Inwo and will need a charger. (I think? From what I’ve read, I don’t think my charger is programmable, but should I check to make sure?)

I do want to check with @Inwo first to see if he has one for sale so I could combine the shipping with the batteries. If he doesn’t have any, I’ll buy from you.

That’s fine. Dave and I work together. I have a big stock of them If he is out he has me program them and send them out for him. He is a good guy and knows his batteries. If you send me a picture of the serial number on your charger I can tell you if it is programable.

Thanks! Would this be the serial#?

thats it. non programable.

Im interested. I have a 2002 GEM. These have the Dash indicator and cutout harness?

When you say cutout are you referring to the interlock safety device that keeps the Gem from moving when plugged in? Yes it has that. There are also wires for an led, should work with the dash one.

I’m in California. What is the price? Where are you shipping from?

$370 and expess shipping is 20. What year Gem?

My Gem is a 2002 with the delta q charger. Please send me more info I need one now!
New to the forum and having a little trouble navigating the site.

The charger plus programming is 370? That’s not too bad! I have a 2013 and a 2014 e6 that need new batteries. Do you know anything about the stock DQ charger and the gel recovery setting? I haven’t seen anyone talk about it and I was curious if I should run this on some of my older packs.

I have run it before and thought it helped. Charge your batteries on normal setting first then initiate recovery

I need a Delta Q for Deka Gels. Please let me know how to purchase one from you.

Price increase to $395

I am installing 4 Chevy Volt lithium batteries, do you know of this Delta Q can be reprogrammed?

Yes, it can. Anything newer than DQC*

yes it can. looks like a dci charger . 2015 Gem?