Delta-Q programmer rental

I picked up second programmer so I can more freely rent one.
$50 plus deposit.

Easily shows profiles that are in charger and set default.
Adds agm profile with firmware change.
Convert to lithium.

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Extra programmer is in.
I can always get another. So if someone wants to buy it with lead and lithium fw and profiles.
Also have NOS QuiQ chargers for sale.
Standard and DCI.

$300 and $350

Hey Dave, can you educate me on the chargers you have for sale? I’ve emailed R4F about my charger from them to see if it can be bumped up to 96V and longer duration but if that doesn’t get it done, I’m in the market for a charger.

What is the difference between Standard and DCI and will the chargers you have for sale get me the 96V I’m looking for?

Delta-Q are the charger of choice for golf carts and Gems. It’s a true onboard charger. Sealed with no vents or fan.
The dci is what the newer gems have. My 2010 el has the dci and my 2008 e4 has the standard model.
Dci has a dc to 12vdc converter built in.
The highest profile that I know of is #177 About 98v finish.
Perfect for 24s lithium.
When programmed for lithium, the white wire becomes the enable wire. Connected to bms, the bms will turn charger on and off as required.
For example the bms can be set to 3.9 volts. When the first cell reaches 3.9 charger will be paused. As the bms brings the high cell down, charger will restart. This continues until all cells are balanced.
If you ever need more range, set bms a little higher.
By doing that battery life is extended by keeping voltage at a conservative level.

What is the age of the DCI? Has it been refurbished and are they repairable or are they more of a disposable item if they fail?

Brand new in box. I don’t know when they were made.

They can be refurbished at repair centers. I sometimes repair them.

How much to ship?

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I shipped one UPS yesterday for about $20.
Can you handle this.MVC-012F

I have some anderson connectors with 1’ leads for $10. (green)(colors vary)
I do not have the dc-dc connectors in foreground. Very common connector.
Have 1 of the deusch 8p. (bottom gray)

These are profiles in the chargers.

I can source the connectors and wire them up if you can give me a clear shopping list so that I have them here when I’m ready to assemble. That way I will be able to custom make the cable lengths for my application.
Will you program it for my 24S Volt cells before you ship it? I would love to be able to just wire it in and be done. I’m assuming these are the ones that can add algorithms, not the GEM specific non-programmable ones?!?!
A simple drawing of which wires I need to connect and to where would be great too.



Anderson pigtails $10

DeltaQ DCI wiring…

Thanks Dave. Maybe someday I’ll get the time to open the box… lol.

Inwo, do you have updated firmware? My charger is a 912-7200-02. Is programmable as I’ve been able to upload new profiles, however none of the new profiles were working. Looked on the Delta-Q website and realized that all the downloadable profiles need software 3.6 or later to work. My charger has FW 1.05 and software 2.12. Contacted Delta Q for software updates but they told me they couldn’t help and I needed to contact GEM/Polaris because my charger has “proprietary GEM/Polaris software”. So basically a dead end with Delta Q support. Wonder if it is possible to somehow get updated F/W and software so I can use the downloadable profiles for AGM (#42) and if there is some physical difference between the GEM Quick Q and the standard Quick Q that might cause a problem if I change software?

You only need to change sw. It will work fine.

Do you still have this for rent? I have a Delta- Q Quiq 913-4810 that was set up for flooded lead-acid batteries, but I just switched over to AGM’s and need the charger profile to change from #38 to #42.

Sorry no. I no longer have an extra one.

Ok, thank you. Any idea where else I could rent one, or ship my charger to get it reflashed?

@LithiumGods can do it. Where are you located?

Just outside Ann Arbor, MI. Thanks for the effort!! I’d contacted every GEM and golf cart dealer within 100 miles and no one had the programmer (but a few wanted to sell me one for $250+)