Delta Q Charger For Sale - Modified for Lithium Batteries 96 Volts

Delta Q Charger - Modified for Lithium Batteries - It looks to be brand new but I have never hooked it up. Please message me for more pictures if needed. Asking $375.00 plus shipping. Accept Paypal +3.5% or Venmo.

Due to the nature of the item and installation required there will be no returns so make sure the wiring, plugs and that it is otherwise what you want before you purchase. Fast Shipping.

Looks like one of mine. A one off.
The white box is a hvc that you can set to any voltage.
Powered by dci 12v, controls charger by white wire.
Glad you reminded me. I need to make a 48v one for my brother.
See if it’s set to #67. 98.4v max.
It can go up to 131 volts. #177
Well worth the money.

Now that I think of it, I did buy it from you. The GEM dealer would not install it for me so on the shelf it went. Stayed there until my wife said clean out the garage.

I would keep it to use on my new build, but being 78 y.o. I am not able to put it in by myself. Got to go with a separate charger. How would I see if it is set to #67? It says on the charger 96 volts.

Plug it into ac on the table and count the blinks.

$375 for one of Dave’s custom chargers that is NOS?
I’m sold. I’ll take it. Just sent you a PM.

This is similar. I don’t know the voltage limit of the hvc relay. I suspect 99 volts.

Dave, I’m guessing this modified charger is probably related to the discussion in the following thread about DQ’s unwillingness to really even talk about their lithium profiles, let alone do anything?

Charger has been sold - Thanks