David’s 25 amp Chargery Battery Charger

Here is a video I did of a Offboard battery charger that will fast charge all sorts of Battery’s and battery types. You can use it by itself or with the delta Q at the same time. One more thing I forgot to mention is my delta q will only charge to 4.1 finish volts. This charger can be used to charge up higher 4.2 volts for extended range.

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Great video.
The check is in the mail. :slight_smile:
Ryan has one of these too.

Check out the “auto” mode.
Makes it a dumb charger. No setup after initial charge. Only need to plug it in.

One more advantage. The charger go’s 10 amps all the way till the charger stops. Delta Q tapers back when Battery’s get close to full. I like how this one go’s full tilt till it’s done

Also, you can see what it’s doing. Amps and volts.
Tracks ah into battery so you can keep an eye on battery health.

I don’t know if I mentioned one other mode. "restart"
Starts another charge cycle when voltage drops.

Charging at 21

Amps! Awesome. Best the Delta Q could ever do is 10A.

The 21.2 in the lower left corner is charge coming in

Post a picture of the charger screen.
Be hard to go back to a dumb charger, won’t it?:grin:
Tracking volts, amps, and ah, takes the guesswork out of battery health assessment.

And yes it does lead, nicad, and all the rest.
12v to 103v

Dave I don’t have a photo of the Charger screen. But I like how the Chargery Charger go’s FULL TILT until the very end. Here is a screen shot of the system pulling back at 6a

What’s even cooler is this. Looks like the Charger has the smarts to charge up and account for battery sag. Example if you want to charge to 4.1 like i do you need to charge to 4.16v And then the battery’s sag or rest back to 4.10 . If the charge called it quits when the battery’s all hit 4.1 they would sad or rest to a lower voltage. When this charger says 4.1 it means resting voltage of 4.1 it may seem trivial but there is lots of energy between 4.0 and 4.1

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I know a guy that has 2,000 batteries in his garage, and doesn’t have one of these yet. :rofl:

I may have mentioned this before. Thinking of making a gem jump pack for testing disabled cars.
Fits in an ammo box. About 35lb.
Should run a gem a few miles. Let’s see. 11ah. 10% of your pack. About 4 miles?
Seems anyone buying, selling, repairing gems would need one.

Of course it needs one of these chargers. Full charge in 1/2 hr.

I would love to use one of these chargers but cant . it only does 24s cells and i’m going with 33s !!!


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Mines bigger than your’s.
36s lto.
It’s also a power supply to use with 6s and 10s balance charger/discharger,balancer.



Check out the latest spoof method.
Simpler all the time.
I should make a bunch of color coded ones like these. Brian is going to see if they work on a T1 or T2.
The red is 15v and the blue is 5v.


nice can i buy 2 red and 2 blue ?

You can. I can also make any value.
These are for Ryan, but I made a few extra.I’m short red shrink tube> :frowning:
This seems to be the best method. The actual spoof is a discrete component. The wire part is just a male/female. It connects with no spoof installed.
I should have come up with a different name. I fell silly, spoof-spoof-spoof. :slight_smile:

These voltage “spoofs” work great because you simply unplug the Voltage sense wire from your 23 pin main harnes plug. And insert the “spoof” inline and your good to go. No splicing or cutting into your main harness wire. Leaves your factory harnes factory

Back to the Orignal topic: I have done 3 charge cycles with this new charger and I like it. I don’t know if I’m imagining it but my range seems longer with just that little bit extra voltage. Best I could ever do was leave with a full charge with 3.9 with some cells flashing 4.0 now I’m leaving the garage will all cells 4.1+

One side effect is this. When you use the delta q as only charger, all voltage runs threw it. So it keeps your dash SOC in sync. When you use the offboard charger to charge up the Factory charger (delta q) dosent know your adding in charge from a 2nd off board charger, So your dash will show 1/2 full but your battery pack can be 100% because.

Can anyone remind me how to re calibrate the Dash SOC gauge. I thought mike was a expert at this

think you need to connect negative cable from your second charger to controller negative same as deltaQ are connected.
so your shunt in PSDM can read your charge,its worth a try

here for display

  1. Turn the key on.
  2. Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch until it’s showing the
  3. While holding the switch down, turn the RIGHT signal on, then the LEFT
    signal, then
    return the blinker to the center.
  4. Release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. You should be seeing data (P0105) on
    the display now.
  5. Turn the RIGHT signal on, then off repeatedly until the display reads:
    SOC (State Of
  6. Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. Now it’s remaining capacity in
  7. You can now raise (or lower, for that matter) the SOC with the blinker
  8. When you’re happy, Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. The display
    reads: DONE.
  9. Turn the key off.

That makes sense. Connect the new charger same place as dq.
May need to break the interlock too.
That’s the only way the Gem Brain knows what happening. IMO

So a few hrs ago we took the Gem out for a wet weather extravaganza. We did the 17 mile loop came home with 3.8v left in the pack that’s pretty awesome. Hooked up both chargers at the same time 2+ hrs later we are ready to go again. That’s pretty cool instead of saving your daily gem car ride you can now recharge and go again!!!

Sounds great. Even over a lunch break you can gain real capacity.:hugs:

I get the feeling that it may not be coming back to Mn.!:thinking: