Delta-Q Charger Remanufacture or Replace with New

I’m another newbie who just acquired a 2005 Gem e4, after it reportedly sat uncharged for two years. After getting it home, I managed to charge the NAPA gel batteries to full strength of at least 12V each. The Delta-Q charger onboard has power when I connect it, but it doesn’t appear to be charging battery pack. I see a red blinking light flashing a two blink sequence, which according to other posts and the Delta-Q trouble shooting info online means that it is detecting a low charge (under 68V) from the battery pack and won’t turn on. I checked the voltage with a meter across the full pack and it showed 77 V. To add to the symptoms, the cluster display shows one green bar, but nothing more even with a fully charged pack. A mechanic who supposedly specializes in GEM says replacing the Delta-Q charger will solve the problem.
My question is, should I go ahead and replace the charger, and if so, should I send this one in to FSIP in PA or should I buy a new one and replace it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You have to purchase new batteries anyway. The batteries in the car are trash. Then check out the charger.

Try this connect your dumb charger to the lowest battery then plug in the DQ and see if it picks up.

If the display only shows one bar the charger wont always pick up. Been thru this more than once.

Great advice. Ran the Gem a few miles and up three hills and was dogging at 3 mph until we couldn’t get it up our steep driveway. The battery pack dropped only from 70.1V to 69.5V. Checked each of the batteries individually with a multimeter and only foun one below 12V. It was 10.1. Attached our old dumb charger on that battery and connected the system charger with another plug, hoping the Delta-Q would recognize the pack and start self charging. No luck. Red light showed the four blink indicating the gel battery algorithm and the went back to the two blink. AC light was solid yellow indicating electricity was getting to the DQ. Does that mean the DQ is okay and that I should I change out the entire pack even though the batteries seem to be holding a healthy 12 V charge?

You might have to check the voltage that charger sees. Across the red and black from the DQ.
Under the dash.
Then check from blk to grn while your at it.

A 72 volt charge is not healthy. A fully charged battery pack is in the neighborhood of 80 to 84 volts.

The 10.1 volt unit is probably the dog in your system.

Thanks for the information. How can I tell if the DQ is faulty as opposed to the battery pack? The AC light on the charger is solid yellow, but the red light is flashing twice indicating a low voltage on the pack despite what I see when I measure the whole pack.
Do the DQs on the link hook up to the same wires on the Gem without the needing to bypass the interlock?
Thanks again.

Interested in buying a replacement DQ charger for the 2006 e4. Can I swap out my old changer with any one of yours by attaching to the same wiring without bypassing the interlock? If not, are there instructions on how to install the new charger?

Checked the red and black under the dash and it shows the same voltage number found when I tested the entire battery pack. I have not tested the black to green yet. Does that mean the charger is okay?

Most problems are battery related, fix that first.
The grn is the interlock, supplying B+ for car to run.
Yes, all the chargers have the new Gem type interlock.

I have a DeltaQ charger and am tired of messing around with it! It should be simple to see what’s going on with your charging system but it’s not. I’m tired of the guess work and I’m replacing the DQ with a QuickCharge which is the same thing as Ride4Fun’s charger, just a couple hundred dollars cheaper. On top of that I’m replacing the batteries with T1275’s. I’m tired of the below 68 volt no charge issue and the QuickCharge solution fixes that issue, provide an automatic trickle charge if needed and so many more…

Check this link:

The model you want is SCO7210. On Board Chargers Select-A-Charge, Model: 72 volt 10 amp, Temperature Compensation: Yes, Drive Lockout: Yes, $432.80.

Also query QuickCharge on this site and see what you find… Report back to us and let us know what you find/do.

Changed out two of the six batteries (which wouldn’t you know it was the back two and the hardest to get to) after the two failed a load test. The display showed a full charge but the Delta-Q charger showed the same two flash red blinks. So I definitely have to change out the charger. Can you contact me at your convenience so I can make the arrangements to buy a new on from you?

Pm sent.
I’m not convinced it’s bad. I can test it for you.

Tried to contact you via your email but it was rejected. Can you give me a call at 858-353-4196 when you have a chance regarding getting a new charger.

Must be having email problems yet.

More trouble on this end than I though, but good to go now.
My pc-matic wouldn’t let my programmer run. Disabled it and works again.
Charger is set to #6 Deka 8G-31 Gels
Installed the Gem cables. Red, Black, Green, and Red.
Tested charger and interlock.
Can go out tomorrow.

Thank you Mr. Bissen. I’ll send the $325 payment for the new Delta-q charger via PayPal tonight. My address is as follows:
Richard Cheng
246 Yucca Rd
Fallbrook, CA 92028

I’ll send you the pictures of the charger wires to your emails, however in the meantime the details of the connectors are as follows:

  1. The wires coming out of the Delta-q are approximately 28 inches;
  2. The Black and Red wires have the circular eyelet connectors;
  3. The Green and White wires have the flat quick connectors.

My email address is:
That will be the same address the $325 payment will be coming from. The sender will be my wife, Maggie Munro.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 858-353-4196.

Thanks again for your help in supply us with a new charger.


Can you let me know if you were able to get the charger sent out?

Yes, should be there today.

I have a 2005 GEM and just installed new GEM (Polaris) gel cell batteries. I got 13 years out of the last set. My charger is acting goofy to. When I plug it in the bottom led flashes and the code for this is overheated charger, but the charger is cool. If i plug and unpug, let it set for a while it finally starts charging at the full rate and brings the battery up to full charge. Also if I tap the bottom of the charger the lights will flash and sometime go from the “winky” mode to full charge.

Any ideas?

Bob Tidmore
Beaver Island, MI 4

Delta-q are pretty robust. What is the code? 5 flashes?

If charger is truly intermittent, it may have had water ingress and corrosion.