New and used DQ chargers

New $250 lithium $300
Used $200Delta-Q pic

What model are the new units? We need one for our 2007.

912-7254 $300
922-7254 $400

Possible repair $100-$150

Is 912-7254 programmable for lithium?

Yes it is.
I have most of the profiles.

Oops, sold out!
I have two used 912-7200 and the new 922-7254.
All programmable for lithium.

Ah, snap! Any chance of having them (new or used) in the near future?

The used ones I have or the new one will work fine.
The model numbers don’t mean much.
What will you be using it on?

Yeah, I was hoping to find one with built-in DC/DC converter (and I assume 912-7254 is the one).
But it is not super critical. I think I’d buy a used 912-700 then, could you please contact me?

Yes, I have one of those left.922-7254 with dc-dc.

Do you still have any of these for sale that are configured for 96v? I need it to charge 8 12v deep cycle batteries(27TM) for a home converted 62 MG Midget (K&W Charger died!)


No, only 72v left. There have been some 96v on ebay.

I have c10325…

I’m looking for a charger for a Ford think, 72v. Currenty it has a Delta Q 910-7201. What do you have?