Delta-Q Charger ? Are 912-7200 & 910-7200 compatible?

I need to replace the 912-7200 charger on my '05 Gem & have found a 910-7200 from another '05. Is this a good replacement? From what I have found in a search on the forum here the 910 series may not be programmable? I am currently running lead acid flooded batteries. Thanks for any help!

it is not programable for lithium and wont work with a programmer. But it should have a lead algorithm in it. If it is on the wrong setting you will have to do the tap method to change it

Where can I find what profiles are on this charger? I looked on delta-q’s website but they don’t list the 910 series. Thank you.

It’s actually not a 910 charger, it more than likely is a 912-72xx. post a picture of the label and I can tell you more

My 2000 gem has the old schott charger in it . I have not bought batteries to see if it works yet. Do you think I should replace it with a zivan