Delta Q model 910-7200 help needed

I have a delta q model 910-7200 charger. S/N DQCP720437002400 with another large number QuiQ 7212 lower on the label.I am sorting out the new to me 2005/2006 E4 and the manual available from Delta Q for Gem specific chargers list the two model numbers 922-7200-04B, 912-7200-02. I got the car with flooded batteries from 2013 and 2014 without a brand name on them.
When I place the charger into program mode it displays a algorithm 14 (gel batteries). I have tried 8 ways to Sunday to follow instructions to swap it to algorithm 13 as listed for a flooded battery. No success.
My model number is different from model # 912 or 922 charger instructions Delta Q provides for download. Is there something unique to programming a different algorithm in this charger from others or am I just very poor at timing the positive cable connection? I am a newbie and have not done this before.

I’m an oldie and it tool me 3 years before I could program one of these things.

Call me 251-269-3182 have pencil and paper ready.


[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;28397]I’m an oldie and it tool me 3 years before I could program one of these things.

Call me 251-269-3182 have pencil and paper ready.


Thanks Rodney. I’ll call in the morning.

I also have a delta q charger like yours.I have tried all the tapping techniques and read every thing I could.I even got info from delta q techs.Still no go on the change on the algo. I have come to the conclusion that the software from delta q is the only way to go.I read on the forum just this week someone has this software and was going to rent it out.Check recent post.:clap2:

Did you try my method?

Yes I did. Several attempts with no success. I’ll regroup and try again this week end. Seems like I can get it into program mode (I think) bu no success changing a code or saving it. I’ll get a stopwatch and become more consistent with the pulses in case it is an operator error.

Your in the program mode if you don’t get a red light after the initial entry. You don’t need a stop watch just feel around it a little bit

I must be in program mode. I will get there and report back when I have success.

I have the sw and dongle.
No time to play with it.

I can loan it to well known members.
Unknowns will have to pay deposit.

Can’t help with operation. It’s still in the box.
My plan was to hack it. No time!!!:rain:


I may send it to Rodney.
Then he can teach me how to use it…

Rodney can’t help, have Zivan. Have no love for DQ

Was worth a shot. :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive an old thread, I might not be able to start new one?

I have the a GEM and a half 1999-2001 I believe. I did make my own lithium pack of 24 105AH primary cells but charging complete to ~86v is tough.

The 1/2 Gem has the Delta Q charger to donate but is in mode 13 and I don’t seem to be able to get joy from 1 second or 3 second tap to enter changing mode.

I have watched the videos, read the directions and wonder if my Delta only has one program in it?

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