Delta Q Quiq charger Algorithm help 2018 E2


I recently purchased a 2018 E2 and installed new AGM batteries. I noticed the default Delta Q Algorithm was for Gel batteries so I purchased the Delta Q programming kit and installed algorithm #42 for AGM batteries. I set algorithm #42 as the default algorithm and now the charger is not working.

The charger turns on and displays algorithm #42 but continues to repeat the code over and over and does not cycle over to charge the batteries. I tried contacting Delta Q but they were not very helpful. They just told me to check if my batteries were connected properly. They also said that the charger is not picking up any voltage from the batteries. This is odd because it was charging with the previous algorithm.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

It’s not the programmer. It needs to be changed with Polaris Digital wrench. The vcm,/bms will select the correct algorithm.
You can only use the installed polaris algorithms.
I hope you did hot delete any. They not be available.
Then you will need a new charger plus dealer service.

Always a good idea to ask first, spend money later.
We would have advised a member’s lithium batteries. Probably less money in the long run, long range, and no special charging requirements.

I believe that Scott’s small 48v battery is less than $2k. Gabe or Lg, specialize in new Gem batteries with 30 to 70 mile range.

Just as with battery selection, go with a Gem guru.
Dq would not know, that the Gem will not connect the charger to battery, if not using the correct Gem profile.
The Gem checks algorithm each time, then sets it to the correct one that is programmed into car by polaris dw.

As your charger continues reading and searching, the correct gel profile may be missing.
Or it may see the bogus agm algorithm and give up. Any fault codes indicating the problem?

might want to try putting back where it was and see if bcm will see it and start charging. then take it to dealer and have them change to agm profile.

Uh oh…
The way I understand it, every time your car is plugged in to charge,
The VCM makes a call to the DQ and tells it to charge the pack determined by what it has set(for example 13), The DQ is loaded at GEM with a special set of custom tailored profiles. I don’t think those profiles are available outside GEM.

When you forced a generic #42 into the DQ’s tables and set it as default, it now sounds like it is now arguing with the VCM as to who is wearing the pants in the family.

What other profiles are in there? (as Inwo suggested) Hopefully you did not delete the other Polaris ones. Best path right now might be to delete what you added (#42 and any others) and see if the VCM/DQ relationship can go back to being happy.
You might get lucky and she may forget about the girlfriend you tried to bring into the house.

913-4800-P1 (Old Model)

Algorithm Slip A0024

11 Generic 200-255Ah flooded constant power dv/dt

26 Deka 8GGC2 Gel

38 Trojan T1275 113% w/ random equalization

42 Discover AGM 80-150Ah

43 Discover AGM

51 Exide/Sonnenschein 180Ah gel

62 Trojan 100Ah flooded dv/dt

71 Generic 140-200Ah Flooded constant power dv/dt

72 Generic 250-335Ah Flooded constant power dv/dt

73 Generic 400Ah Flooded constant power



11 Generic 200-255Ah Flooded dv/dt

28 Deka 8GGC2 Gel / 224Ah Leoch AGM

38 Trojan T1275

71 Generic 140-200Ah Flooded dv/dt

72 Generic 250-335Ah Flooded dv/dt

73 Generic 400Ah Flooded dv/dt

126 Fullriver 85-145Ah AGM

141 Fullriver 300-370Ah AGM

151 Fullriver 220-290Ah AGM

222 Non-Temp Comp 2.3V/Cell Booster



28 Deka 8GGC2 Gel / 224Ah Leoch AGM

71 Generic 140-200Ah Flooded dv/dt

72 Generic 250-335Ah Flooded dv/dt

73 Generic 400Ah Flooded dv/dt

199 E-Moli LiIon

222 Non-Temp Comp Booster

It appears that #42 is not a Polais algorithm. It will not work under any conditions short of changing sw.
And changing to Generic sw is not reversable.
As you meantion lithion. It was the charger model that was not full.
Removing #42 may fix it s Byron suggested.

Agm setting is available in all 3 oem 48v chargers, according to this.

Thank you all for your feedback and expertise.

As Inwo mentions above, I should have consulted with the experts first. I made the costly mistake of relying on DQ for advice. Since the charger was having issues with the new algorithm I deleted the original algorithms thinking that I could just reinstall them later if needed. Now after reading your responses I see this is not the case. It appears that I will have to pay up for my mistake. Lesson learned.

Do you think there is anyway to save this charger or is it toast?

Thank you all for your responses. I appreciate all your support!

Charger is fine, just not for a new gem.
I believe dq has new sw for download.
Then try jumping the charger relay. I believe battery will charge, and car will run.

You maybe stuck with recurring fault codes and bugs.

Or i may have an extra Polaris charger, if it hasnt been molested.
I could trade for a few hundred $$.
But wait, you would be back where you started. Needing a dealer to swap profiles.

Quick update. I spoke to DQ and they mentioned that they were aware of this issue with 72V Gem Chargers but not with 48V models.

I went ahead and deleted the new algorithm I had installed (#42) and reinstalled the below algorithms which are available on their site. The charger default algorithm was #28 and it now appears to be working again! THANK YOU all once again. I will not be messing around anymore without consulting you guys first.

Charger model 912-4854-05


28 Deka 8GGC2 Gel / 224Ah Leoch AGM

71 Generic 140-200Ah Flooded dv/dt

72 Generic 250-335Ah Flooded dv/dt

73 Generic 400Ah Flooded dv/dt

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Interesting, I did not know they would supply Polaris algorithms.
The vcm/bmc will return dq to the gel profile though. If that’s what car was programmed for.

So- (Normally) Battery type is selected through Digital Wrench(at the dealer) in the new cars?

Not through a menu setting in the display? (using a keyON, Button press, turn signal flip right/left, swing a chicken over your head sequence?)

I had a 2020 with AGMs and the Charger profile was 28.
I think you’ll be all set.
But I’m not an expert.

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Yes, two way communication between charger and gem.
Gem reads profile from led blinks. The charger relay is open circuit between charger and battery…

If not the same as programmed by wrench, the relay changes profile using the tap method.

This allows a bad charger to be swapped out without dealer intervention.

Changing battery types needs help from dealer. A changed default profile will not “hold”.
It will tap back to the original profile.

When we program for lithium, the charger “tap” relay needs to be disabled.