Changing algorithm Delta Q

I have the information for changing algorithm for Delta Q Chargers. I have this charger on my 2011 gem 2. After a lot of info from some of the folks here I was able to learn I have agm batteries (thanks houseboater) When I went to my dealer he told me the charger was set for gel but he put agm batteries in.I am seeing not many people trust the gem dealers to fix problems.My question is this in the process of changing the algorithm you touch the positive terminal for three seconds and lock the one you want for 10 seconds when you do this should you have the controller on the car disconnected? A little nervous working with the positive terminal.If anyone needs this info I will be glad to send it to you.:clap2:

Was you able to change the algorithm of your Delta Q charger to AGM batteries? I didn’t have much luck and will probably order a programmer in the near future.


You do not disconnect the controller…