Deltaq charger for gem $100

Early version DeltaQ for a Gem . This is a Non programmable version . It is set for gel batteries . The gel battery setting is also used by many people on a 25 cell Lifepo4 battery pack .

It was sent to me to be programmed for lithium , and replaced with a version that was programmable .
will guarantee it to be in working condition on arrival .

$100 plus shipping

Modle# please…

Notice the led scale on the right . It shows how many amps it is putting out .

Works for me. send a Pay Pal request

Is it really true that the 910-7200 is non-programmable? wonder I am having a problem.

sold to Old_Houseboater .

Mike is Cleaning out his Gem car parts.
What else ya got!

Didn’t you get a programmer for the Delta? Which algorithm are you trying to change it to?