Want to buy 48v Deltaq for 2016+ Gem

looking for a stock factory charger.

I should have one.
What is the going rate? $350?

Does it need to be programmable?

has to be the one that came in a factory Gem. I’ m doing different battery testing at different voltages. Want one that stays with factory algos and one to custom program.

I can see if I reprogrammed it.

as long as it has all the factory connectors it’s fine.

I just reprogrammed mine for Lithium - had to get to a full charge… sorry.

Last one I sold was June 6 2023 on Ebay. Delta Q charger 912-4854-05 (100-240 to 48V ) Went for $225 and free shipping. My understanding is that the BMC sets the charging parameters based on the battery pack setup in DW. When I looked there were no multiple programs entered on the DQ charger