Delta Q QuiQ LITHIUM Charger 72 volt / 12 amp

Hi all.

Selling my Delta Q QuiQ Lithium Charger 72 volt / 12 amp. $375 includes shipping to US

This charger is programmed with user selectable Lithium cell charging profiles. It was used on a GEM car with Lithium cells from a Nissan leaf but can be used for any lithium project. These are programmable, so any profile can be added but that requires software that I do not have. So this will NOT work well with lead acid batteries unless it is reprogrammed.

See attached photo for available charging profiles. Available user selectable profiles (max charging value) as follows: currently set for 83.16 v (typically 84v max charge for 72 lithium setup. Slight lower voltage maintains battery life ).

73.8 V,

82.04 V,

83.16 V,

85.5 V,

87.58 V,

89.1 V,




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