Deltaq charger . set up for lithium . $250

newer charger that has had little use . It is in perfect condition . I added 8 Lithium charge profiles to it . they range from 82v to 96v . I can set the default to any profile you prefer . They are listed in one of the pictures .
located in Naples , Fl. but will ship anywhere in the country for $20 . Express mail .

I may need this. Didn’t I also see you’ve got some battery packs?

I have the long range Gem lithium packs 180ah New . $2200

I’m in the middle of a move, so I dropped off the planet again. I’m done tomorrow, and can focus on the Gem then.

I"m figuring $700 on junk batteries.
Or $1200-$1800 on good ones.
Why not $2200 on REALLY good ones?

Where’s the flaw in my logic? It’s just money, right?

Tell me about your gem

2012 e2
I bought it from a car dealer in Sarasota who harvested the good charger for another gem. So I have no charger at all, and all but one battery is dead. So…

Why not start off right, right?

I sent the bad charger to Inwo, in hopes it could be rebuilt. Nope.

I’m a total newbie to lithium. I’ve owned a gem before, but never did anything more difficult than trickle charging the gel batteries. I grew up working on carborated motorcycles, so I’ve got some learnin’ to do.

Do you have batteries, too? I thought I saw an ad for batteries a while back, but maybe it was someone else. I’m starting on this project on Tuesday… Finally!


I have the extended range packs that are $2100 new . Lots of us run these . range will be 40-50 miles depending on speed , hills, tires . etc .

Bringing on a smaller set that should be 20-30 miles . Won’t be available for 2 weeks . Waiting for 2 people to get them installed and running for real world results . $1200

Both packs will make your gem act like you put a turbo in it .

Either pack will need you to order a BMS for it .

Can’t wait to see what the results are

While we are waiting on batteries I would suggest ordering the BMS , takes 3 weeks to get .

If I go with the smaller battery pack, I assume I can add to it later, right?

If you go with the 20 cell extend range pack you can add 4 more cells to make it high voltage . If you go with the #1 option 74ah you can not add cells .
You could technically add another 74ah pack but it would be a complicated set up .

I know you have the expertise and the sources. I’m curious why you don’t put together a “package” for inexperienced GEM owners who are on the verge of pulling the Lithium trigger

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I have a DeltaQ Model 912-7200 charger in my Ford Think, looking to go Lithium batteries, what does it take to program for 72 volt Lithium or can you point me to a resource for info?

Google Photos

I am one of the few who can update DeltaQ to lithium. Your serial number appears to be one of the programmable versions. The charge $75 to update the charger software and install lithium profiles.