Lithium battery packs available for Gems

These are the 3 different packs now available for Gems . I will try and keep them in stock as much as possible but there will be times that certain ones will not be available . All of these are new and recently manufactured .

1: Medium range pack : 24s 96v 74ah . The pack will consist of 3 modules with leads . The plugs will have an adapter on the end to connect the raw wires from BMS . You don’t have to do it this way , you can hard wire them or any combination that works for you . The main power terminal are 1/2" wide spade ends (pictures below ) You will have to decide how you want to connect these . I am hoping as more people install these we will see some different methods . These packs will significantly increase the performance of your Gem . It’s like you added a turbo . Hill climbing , top speed , acceleration all much better . Range will depend on your set up . Tires , speed , weight , hills etc. I would estimate low 20 mile range for hills and high speed . To 30+ miles flat ground and 30 mph . Packs weigh about 75 total for all 3 . These high voltage packs will require a LithiumGods particle splitter that will included with the packs . $1200

2: Extended range pack : 20s 82v 180ah . These will consist of 2 10s packs .The packs will be drilled and will have SS screws attached on each cell for the BMS wires . Cells will all be labeled to help simplify install . This pack will significantly increase range, 30 mph , level ground up to 60 miles is possible . Pack will also increase speed and acceleration . Not quite as much as the high voltage packs but MUCH better than a stock Gem . This is the most popular pack . Each module weighs 70 lbs for a total of 140 lbs . Packs come with threaded studs for easy attachment of battery cables . $2100

3: Extended Range - High Voltage packs: 24s 96v 180ah . These are the Top Dog packs . This is what I run (Gwest , Roman and a few others do too) . They combine the extend range and high voltage . These are for the Hot Rodders and individuals looking for Maximum range . This will make your Gem feel like you added a supercharger . And give you even a little more range than the extended pack . They consist of 3 8s modules ( same cells as the 10s modules , just less ) . They weigh about 56lbs each . Also come labeled , drilled and tapped and with battery terminal studs . Requires a particle splitter which is included . $2500

All of these will require a Deltaq charger to have Lithium algorithms installed . Other chargers may or may not be able to be reprogrammed . I keep New DeltaQ’s in stock set up for lithium .

All Lithium should have a BMS installed . They protect your battery and your Gem . You will need to order one directly from manufacture . Most people get them off Ebay . Price $125 -$200 . Hopefully others can share which BMS they use and how they like it .
Everyone one who has installed these have been very happy with them . They are new so they don’t have to worry about the condition of used lithium’s sold on the internet ( many sold as new though they haven’t been manufactured in years). Hopefully those running these cells can share their results .

Disclaimer : I don’t sell drop in lithium conversions . I sell batteries that can and have been used in Gems for DIY installs . Each individual is responsible for their own design and setup. They should properly educate themselves before attempting this . Gems use high voltage battery packs that can be dangerous .

The module on the left is #1 option . 74ah , takes 3 . center module is #3 8s 180ah , takes 3 . Right module #2 10s 180ah , takes 2 .

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Here are some pictures of different installs

This is the 20s extended range pack installed in front of an early Gem where the 2 batteries went . This belongs to someone on this forum, Nice install.

This is my install . 3- 8s modules between the frame rails . Tight install but I love it .

This is Gwest install . Made it one long battery and put it in side ways . Very clean


Bill’s Front to rear orientation install . 2001 E4

The last photo is my install. Mike aka Lithium Gods is great to work with. Upfront told me physical installation will be the most challenging but that’s my skill set but not the electronic stuff. I enjoyed engineering the process needed to get the batteries installed and am willing to help others. Mike was very helpful with the electrical side of the install. I am very happy with my lithium setup. My vehicle is from Innovation Motorsports in Arizona and is on a 2001 chassis with a pickup truck look. Heavier than standard E4s with 6” lift and bigger wheels and tires. It came with 6 new DEKA GEL batteries that weighed 70# each and a new Delta

Q charger. The lithium setup is 300lbs lighter and improves the steering significantly. Power is also significantly better with both speed and range improved.


Love the pickup bed look, that is cool !!

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Hey Mike
I’m definitely in deciding on option 2 or 3, I’m not sure I saw a price for option 1 ?
I will let you know in a day or 2 which one I can get approved by the commander and general :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Fixed it , thank you . I only have 3 of the #2 in stock and 2 of the #3 in stock .

Hint: Take the Commander out for a ride with the old batteries . Make sure you run out of power so you both have to walk home . That should get you any approval you need !

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Hint: Take the Commander out for a ride with the old batteries . Make sure you run out of power so you both have to walk home . That should get you any approval you need !

I can vouch that this method works :grin:

Ok Mike I’m going to go w the #3 option, If I ever left the commander stranded it would be hazardous to my health. Let me know where and how to send the dough, I’m gonna go knock off a couple convenient stores! I have R4F motor and charger, will I need anything else besides the BMS ? Can anything done to reprogram my governor? It kicks in at 34, not sure I need much more speed anyway, should I also do the magic magnet?

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Bill which color is it? its amazing!

how can i send you a dm? i think i can’t because i’m new in the forum. thanks

What do you have for the 72 volt Ford Think 2002?

I can put one together for a Think . Would just need to verify the dimensions of the battery compartment to make sure it would fit . Thinks and Gems are very similar electrically .

It’s called Bright Viper Blue.

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I have the bms in the photo below. It seems quite powerful but I don’t have any manual or information on how to fully use its capabilities. Mike aka Lithium Gods helped me set it up but wasn’t very experienced with this bms. Does anyone know where I can get more information on it? I’m not very knowledgeable about the electronics side of my lithium conversion but super happy with the GEMS performance with Mikes batteries and how they completely changed steering, speed and distance. The current bms settings don’t give me a very accurate SOC or state of capacity so it’s hard to determine when to charge it. image|375x500

thanks! It looks amazing!! congrats

FYI , Down to 1 of the option #2 battery and 1 of the option #3 battery . probably wont have more for a month :frowning:

On a positive note a pallet of the new #1 options is in route . Well actually ups lost it but assures me they will find it early next week .

can you contact me i am wanting to purchase,

8125729477, please call when you can

I am interested in purchasing the extended pack. What would be shipping on these to Florida gulf caost? What else is needed. BMS? Litium charger?