Lithium packs for sale 2

New Gem Lithium packs

Myself and INWO are bringing in some new lithium packs. Some are here and some are stuck on a ship en route from Manufacturer. All packs come with matched Bluetooth BMS.

#1. Mighty Mite: Is a high voltage(96v), high performance, stock range pack. 24s, 47ah, 2 modules. This would be for a 2 or 4 passenger Gem. Very fast, will make a stock 5hp Gem easily outperform a 7.5hp upgraded Gem. Range should be about 20 miles at high speed(testing should be done next week). Easy install, combined weight 48lbs. Recommend for those that don’t need a lot of range and want to increase their Gems performance. No need to buy a $900 aftermarket motor. Expecting battery longevity to be about 3x a set of lead batteries. $1650.

#2. Titan: Standard voltage plus, Extreme range. 20s(81v), 234ah, 2 modules. This would work in any Gem 2005+(will work in earlier Gems IF it will fit) Range should be 80-100 miles. Your butt will give out before this battery runs out. 160lb(80lbs/ea) Need to confirm that they will fit in the rear of Gem,hope to install one in the next week. $3300

#3 High voltage, Extreme range. Same as #2 but 24s(96v), 234ah. Super fast and lots of range. 100+ miles. 3 modules, 70lbs ea. This is what I am putting into my personal Gem. It will be a tight fit and a tougher install. $3950

#4 Zeus(master of lightning):High voltage, Insanity range.The largest battery ever for a Gem. This will only fit in an E6. 3 modules, 96v, 312ah. 130-150 mile range. Excess at its finest. And it weighs half of a stock lead pack! Perfect for a shuttle company( or an insane person) $5100

Dave has more of the Samsung 22s modules coming in and also has the individual Samsung cells(available now) for someone who wants to build a custom pack. This is a great option to build a pack that will fit in the front of a 2000-2004.Or for a less expensive 2016+ lithium upgrade.

Also have large packs for newer(2016+) Gems

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Hey LG,

I have a 2005 E4 with the original motor/controller, and I know the recall has not been done. I am interested in the Mighty Mite as we only drive about 6-8 miles at a time. I am in Delaware, please put me on your interest list.


didn’t know there was a recall on 2005, what is it for?

Agree with LG. I didn’t think there was a problem with 05 cars.

Be aware that you may have only driven it 6-8 miles on the old pack, but after a Lit install you will be having so much more fun that you will be looking for excuses to drive it places and logging more miles than your thought. You may even be fighting the wife/kids for use of the car.
And you will be needing a new set of front tires more often!

The controller should be the T3, should have no problems. Going to need a picture of the charger label, 2005 may not be upgradable.

I checked the VIN, I think it was the controller. Or am I mistaken?

Never heard of a recall on controllers. IF there is will you let us know please.

I will check the VIN again to verify

I stand corrected, the parking brake recall was not performed. It has never worked since Ihave had it, I carry a wheel chock with me, since getting it repaired will be an effort and being on the coast the roads etc. are very flat.

I’d be interested in a Mighty Mite. Would that include a charger? I currently have a 2003 2 seater with 22s 11 modules Leaf batteries @ ~90V. It’s been working out great for me. I have a second 2 seater that I’d like to upgrade from lead acid to Mighty Mite pack.

And watch your stock motor blow-up. Lithium batteries have big advantages, but they don’t take the place of a High Performance motor.

Two different things - Simple facts - to go faster a GEM needs to run at higher RPMs and the stock motor will was only designed/built for RPMs associated with 25MPH. Sure you can push it, but continuous over rev-ing will destroy the motor. Lithium’s can provide more range and power to the motor, but it does not change the fact that you have a motor built and designed for 25MPH. To reliably go faster, and to get the most GEM car performance from your Lithium battery pack, you need a higher performaning motor.

Think of this way, a race car uses special racing fuel to get full performance from the motor. Your lithium pack is like racing fuel - You wouldn’t put race fuel in your stock car and expect it to perform like a race car. Yeah, it may run a little better from the better fuel - but it won’t run like a race car. The race fuel and the motor are a performance combination - so if you get lithium’s and want high performance, get a High Performance motor that was built to run higher RPM’s and work with a high performance battery pack.

Don’t think that you’ll install lithium’s and get 35MPH-40MPH from your GEM - simply not true. To get reliable 35MPH-40MPH you need a high performance motor that can withstand the higher RPMs and heat. So if you get lithium’s and want the highest performance on top of the advantages of a lithium pack, you’ll need to pair it with a higher performing motor.

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** High voltage (97v), mid range.I have sold a bunch of these. This is for the performance enthusiast. ( it is the voltage I run) Super fast, It will make a 5hp motor easily do 40mph. This is as hard as you can run a Gem. We have dozens of Gems at this voltage and they have responded and held up well. **


Mighty Mite built and temporarily installed for testing. Charging now.

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Mighty Mite did 22 miles in testing. E4 7hp motor, oversized tires, one person, flat ground, held speed low 30’s. Last 2 miles got doggy as predicted, battery was saying time to go home. Battery was only charged to 4.02v per cell( about 92%) for increased longevity, if charged to 4.1v (97%) it would have a add a few mores miles. I have 6 sets of these available.



I may be interested in option 1 - mighty mile. I’m looking at picking at 01 gem car. I do not need much range (maybe 4 miles between chargers) but will have a big hill to drive up. Will the mighty max give the GEM car the power it needs to get up the hill?

The car also needs a new onboard charger. Is there a recommendation to pair up with this battery set?


Mighty Mite will give you the most power possible for hills. BUT you need to see if the dc converter recall has been done. The old converts are not safe(catch on fire) and should not be run at high voltages. I have deltaq chargers to upgrade Gems that had Zivans. Will need more info about components.


I have a 2019 GEM E2 with stock, Mahle motor. I just bought it last week and it runs about 34 mph. It must have the Ride 4 Fun gears in it. The seller wasn’t sure what was done to make it go so fast as he was selling it for someone else.

I am interested in the Titan because I want high range between charges. If there is a way to keep it at 35-38 mph and not any faster, I would prefer it. Would that make the range even further?

I live in Venice, FL and can deliver the cart for an install if available. How do I get in touch?


Most likely it has different gears, the way to know is checking if the speedometer is showing real speed.
New gems won’t go faster if you install lithium, you will see some acceleration improvement due to the weight of the new batteries compared with lead acid ones

Gabe is correct
If your Speedo is hitting 25 mph it won’t go any faster
But it will accelerate quicker. I’m out of the country until next weekend. PM me your information and I’ll get in contact you when I’m back

What batteries do you have in there now?