Lithium battery packs for sale

I have a few different packs available. It takes a $500 deposit to get one and reserve a build slot. Currently about 2 weeks out on build slots. All setups will come with the proper BMS and are fully wired. Those with DeltaQ chargers can send them to me for a lithium upgrade. Gems with Zivan or superchargers will need to get a new charger with Lithium profiles($395)They will all be tested on the bench, disassembled and shipped. Anyone is welcome to pick them up in person. The BMS are Bluetooth and will connect to your cell phone for detailed info and control( you can disable your Gem from your phone)

  1. Standard plus voltage (81v), extended range, 2 module pack. Very easy install. Fits easily between frame rails underseat. Should also fit in place of 2 front batteries on early Gems. This pack will make your Gem much faster and reduce weight by over 300lbs. This is the lightest pack and easy to work with. On a 2014 e4 30 plus miles @35-38 mph. (20s,85ah)One available. $2,000

  2. Mid voltage (Same battery as above but 2 more cells, 89v total). Extended range pack. This Mid voltage pack will give higher speeds, better acceleration and 10% more range. Consists of 3 modules. Slight harder install. Great battery.(22s,85ah) One available $2,200

3. High voltage (97v), mid range.I have sold a bunch of these. This is for the performance enthusiast. ( it is the voltage I run) Super fast, It will make a 5hp motor easily do 40mph. This is as hard as you can run a Gem. We have dozens of Gems at this voltage and they have responded and held up well. Slightly more total capacity then number 1, but a faster pack. 3 modules. Fits between frame rails and maybe upfront in an older Gem.(24s,74ah) one available. $2,000

  1. Mid voltage, extended plus, range pack. This is the easiest of all batteries to install. It comes as one module, ready to go. Hook up your 2 battery cables and you are done. It is a big module(112lbs) but fits between the frame rails on 2005 and up gems. You will simply cut a piece of plywood that runs front to rear, and sits on top of the frame. Slide battery in from behind and screw it down.( did I mention it is 112lbs?) Do not know if it can be fit into an early Gem. This battery would also be great in an E6 or utility.Expect 40 mile or so range.(22s,95ah) 7 packs left. $2,500.

All of these will SIGNIFICANTLY outperform any Lead setup. These packs with a 5hp motor will easily outperform a lead battery with a 7.5hp Gem. Multiple owners were going to upgrade to 7.5hp motors but after installing these, kept their stock motors and saved $850! This is like adding a turbo.


This is #1 2 module install

This is #3, Connectors are all color coded. The bms module will need to be secured.

This is the plywood floor for #4 battery

This is the battery. Single module. Connect neg. wire to stud and positive to the marked bolt, that’s it.

I replaced a lead-acid battery with lithium last year. I live on an island where you are either going uphill or downhill, and I am still bothered by the system showing a code 77 going downhill. Turning the key off resets it. We talked about disconnecting the regen to try to fix it, but I did not figure out the procedure to accomplish that. Are the owners of conversions also reporting that issue or is it unique to my setup? Thank you

What model year/controller?
24s high voltage battery?
Some controllers handle over volts better than others.
Always faults, or only when fully charged?
Send controller to @LithiumGods or borrow a programmer to turn down regen.
If he has a controller, he may be willing to swap, to keep you running.

I have not seen a code 77 before. tell us about your setup.

I see code 77 as vehicle overspeed.
How fast are you going when it trips the code?
Looking back at your history shows you have a problem with motor overheat going downhill and chasing a problem pointing to too much regen. Did you get that turned down or removed?

I think I found in your history that it is a 2012. What motor do you have? Wheel size?

I’ve seen that definition before. Do you have a link?
Very closely related to my data of high capacitor volts. Both from a similar cause.
However different solution. If over speed, then need more regen or lower speed limit by adjusting MM.
If over voltage, use less regen, but also lowering the speed limit might help.
MM allows setting speed limit between 27mph and 50mph.

It is from a handy Error Code file I picked up from somewhere. Published/translated by someone called Kyle G.
Diving into the official GE controller docs I see the confusion.

-77 Capacitor (1C) voltage too high during motoring.
This status code will be displayed when the voltage at 1C exceeds 96 volts during motoring.

Picked up the mid voltage, extended plus, range pack and ditched the Gels. Wow what a difference! Best part was how easy it was to install - plug and play!! BIG thank you to @LithiumGods for all the knowledge and being so helpful!!

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Woah, this looks promising. Where are you located? Hopefully in California, cuz that’s where I am…Do you ship these batteries? New to GEM but interested in upgrading

I have 4 packs shipping to California in the next few days.

Be careful with your heater. It won’t work with the high voltage(96v) packs. Don’t know if it has been tested with the 89v packs. Please keep us updated on it. others will want to know.

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Looking for a battery pack. I just picked up a 2013 e4 with Stock 7hp motor and tired gel batteries. I thought this would be the way to go but I’m not sure what else I would need to make this setup work and obtain more speed. I’m new to Gems.

Just the battery kit.
Charger can be reprogrammed, but not absolutely necessary.
Connect the two battery cables and one small wire at controller.
Two can go out Monday, three more later in the week depending on USPS.

  1. lithium battery pack at higher than GEM stock voltages
  2. BMS (included with battery pack)
  3. Voltage spoof for the controller so it doesn’t freak out.
  4. Proper charging algorithm added to your existing DeltaQ charger. If possible, some can’t be upgraded. Some can. If it’s a not, then buy one that is.
  5. Controller reprogramming to lift the speed governor and increase performance or a Magic Magnet to simply trick the speedometer
  6. Taller tires (optional).

That’s it.

@Inwo or @LithiumGods should be able to hook you up with #1-5.

Tires are on you. Figure out your gear ratio and your max motor RPM (not knowing which 7hp you have, can’t say how much over nameplate max rpm you can spin it) and use the spicer calculator:

Your gearbox ratio goes on ring & pinion, the final transmission ratio for gem’s is 1

I specialize in the 2013-15 gems. The stock motor with a controller reprogram rocks. This is what I personally run.

@LithiumGods I just picked up a 2010 elxd with a ride-4-fun motor in it and would be interested in converting to lithium.

Is option #4 compatible with the ride 4 fun motor and can just be dropped in?