Lithium Conversion

Im starting My conversion. First step was to get the battery, CHECK

96 Lbs 60 AMP HRS

Battery only?
Or configured with charger and bms?

I’ve been looking at same, but maybe higher voltage.

Hey David :

The car I have is using a delta Q charger . My particular charger can be reprogrammed to charge the lithium pack on using.

I have the DQ programmer, but no files.:frowning:

Keep us informed.

On to next project here. As per phone.

Over-voltage limit and possible voltage spoof device for T4.:eyebrows:

Taking the plunge.
Only way to know the limits are, is to test in the car.
I’m going to put in 24 cells (3.7nom) and see what the high limit of T4 is.
Then try a hack or remove some cells.

This looks promising. At least the dc-dc won’t be the limiting factor.

Charger output 100v max.

Can you put me in touch with your DQ guy?

Contact KingHappy. He has the number for the DQ guy who re-flashes the unit for the Lithium charge parameters. His works perfect.

That looks like his pack?

Well I just got my Gem with the Lithium pictured above installed and the charger re-programmed and running. I will do a full report (new Thread) with videos this week.

My kit I got threw King and it’s Awesome. So much faster and so far I’m loving it. I’m doing range tests now and will report back with videos and my info.

Thanks to King and David for their help so far.

I made a video and thought I would share my results.
[B]SPECIAL Thank’s To Mike M. Thank you Very Much for all your Help[/B]
Also Thank’s to David

Just Checking the Cell voltage, Battery was in Storage mode

here are some pics of how a battery comes to life. It shows up looking like this

the batterys are stacked and bolted together photo Mike M

then this Orange piece is installed, It has the Bus bars and the Balance Leeds.
This is where you have to bust out your solder iron. You need to locate the various cells and connect them in line to a JST-XH ballance plug

connecting the JST-XH plug will allow you to read the cell voltage of the Various 20 independent cells that make up this battery

this is the bus bar by itself

Ok what are you looking at???
This display in the upper left corner says 8s (That means its reading 8 cells)
then it says 32.5 v that’s 1/2 the packs voltage (remeber its only reading 8 of the 20 cells at this point.
I don’t have OR Im not sure the make a digital display that will read all 20 cells at once OR if the make a JST-HX plug that has 20 leeds so on this battery I have total of 3 plugs It breaks down like this 2" 8 cell plugs and 1" 4 cell plug’s