Thinking about a lithium conversion

I have a 2000 2 seater that I would like to convert to lithium but do not want to get into a parts scavenger hunt over the internet. Is there anyone who makes a kit that is ready to put in with most of the needed parts? I can do hardware like nuts and bolts but do not want to get into chasing down electronic parts that may or may not work.

Check with @Inwo, he is probably the closest to having a drop in ready system. BEWARE of certain people on here and ebay that will sell you an incomplete solution and then when it doesn’t work they sell you the rest of it.

@inwo, @grantwest, @LithiumGods are some of the guys you can absolutely trust when it comes to lithium conversion. They helped me and I got everything electrical except the actual batteries from @Inwo and he was honest and helpful the whole way.

If you’re handy, its a fun project and will transform your car! All the assistance you need is available here on this forum.

Can you live with a small battery?
I have a ~15m 50ah spark/volt pack here. About $1200 wired 22s bms/lcd.
Need to order another 6s to double it.
Would rather just offer advice, can’t guarantee results. :slight_smile:
Do you have a DQ charger?

Grant has a 50m pack that I made to fit in the front, if you can talk him out of it.bolt%20front%20mount

Almost a drop-in. I had it connected here. All he needs is a few more parts.

I converted to the Ride-for-fun 7.5hp motor several years ago and bought one of their chargers. It can charge several types of batteries with a simple button push. I live in a hilly area and need all the power I can get. Does anyone have a good estimate of the total cost to the finished project? Inwo, I appreciate the advice and any you can to help steer me in the right direction would be appreciated. I am handy and can do almost anything except program computers and weld aluminum.

I need all the weight I can get in front. With the hills that I have to drive over the front drive needs the weight. Is he thinking of getting out of his project?

I did the Volt conversion. 100AH 96V 24S and my car went from 16-18MPH up my hills to 25MPH up almost every hill. That is with the stock 5HP motor. I’ve gone over 25 miles and still had >40% charge left. I did it all for less than new lead batteries would have cost. The R4F charger you have will only get you to about 91V and won’t go to 96V. With my dual Volt setup, that would have been good enough but I changed mine out for the DQ so I could get to 96V fully charged.
I would bet that if you did the lithium upgrade that you would see so much difference in performance that you would either be satisfied at 91V, or happy to spend a bit more for the added range. Lithium is a game changer.
I put my 4 batteries in the back and removed the front ones. you could easily go with 2 or 4 in the back and just leave the lead batteries in front for ballast if you prefer. There’s no law requiring that you remove them :wink:

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What is the setup for the 91 volt system? What all does it require for the conversion? Are the batteries something that I could look for locally at the junk yards?

No, Grant has plans, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
Putting batteries front and back makes wiring monitor/bms difficult.
Chevy volt is easiest, as I make a harness to connect multiple modules.
Low cost newer Volt modules are getting scarce and pricey, with demand.
I’ll be glad to put something together here, but it will be twice the money of diy.
I figure 250 wh per mile.
12s Volt modules are about 2kwh. 8 miles each give or take 100%.
Check out ebay, but ask before committing.

The setup for the 91V system can be 22-24S. The Chevy Volt batteries are typically the most cost effective. I have 2 GEM cars and so I found a great deal on a full set of Volt batteries in a junkyard and had them shipped to my door for $1250 total. There were enough cells to do both cars at 100AH each. I get an estimated range of 40-45 miles in my hilly community with my 4 seater. I’ve never run it all the way down to confirm the range but have run over 25 miles a couple of times with plenty left (thats charging to 96V). In addition you will want the BMS and wiring from @Inwo, the voltage spoof and that should about get you going. I bought the reprogramming kit so I can tweak my controller but you don’t need that. You might want a Magic Magnet, but that’s not needed for the lithium, just more topspeed. The best deal is to find a buddy or two who want the rest of the batteries out of the Volt and you can get it done under $1000 depending on the range you want to achieve.
If you can’t find the Volt batteries in a local junkyard I can help you find them online and you can get a shipping quote. Mine came 500 miles for only $250 in shipping.

I forgot to mention that the Volt batteries come in 2 configurations depending on generation. They are either 6S & 12S, or 8S &16S. You basically end up with 24S and can’t separate the individual cells. If you choose to run less than 24S you have to remove the appropriate number of cells electrically to get there. There are scammers out there who will try to sell you 18S as 72V but when you install them they won’t work and so then they sell you another 6S pack. Totally dishonest and many people on here have been bit by them. You can search the forum to discover who to avoid if you care to.
To get 91V you can charge a 24S setup to 3.79V/cell using the BMS, or you can electrically split down to 22S and charge to 4.13V.

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for the easiest conversion get the nissan leaf cells , super easy . the guy in vegas is a good guy to work with , been buying cells from him for 5 years . if you are going to keep your charger get 22 cells . charge to 88v-89v . Ask grant but i think they will fit up front which would be perfect for you

How do I contact the Las Vegas guy? That sounds like the way to go for me.

Rudy is the web site . doesn’t look like he is showing much in stock . give him a call . can be a little hard to understanf with his heavy accent . but he tests every cell he sells . many people list cells at their new rate of 64ah but they are not high any more . make sure you dont get the ver1 2011- 2012 cells . get the newer ones

I originally intended to go the Leaf from Las Vegas route but he never had any inventory when I would check. I found all kinds of them on ebay but in the end Dave and Grant convinced me to go the Volt route. It is more hassle but its less expensive and I was able to do both of my cars for about the price of one using Leaf cells.

Whichever route you go, you’re gonna love it!

When comparing prices and ease: $1200 for >50ah 22s module from 2016 Spark.
Includes wired and tested 300a bms a remote lcd display.!
Bluetooth control .


18" x 10" x 10"

Two sets shown. Spark/Volt hybrid.


That right there ^^^^^^^^^^^^ is about as easy as you’re gonna get and cheaper than lead acid.

FYI - the BMS photo only shows 7S connection, it will show all 22 when you get it all hooked up.

I also have enough Spark modules for 3 x 3kwh = 9kwh.
Modules only. $2100

What else would be required to make the conversion?