New GEM Lithuim progress

Hello all been talking with Inwo and thought I’d start a new post to show my progress. Have taken the Volt battery apart and mounted a 24 pack in middle compartment. I did shave off both cooling passages off one 12s pack and one side of the other 12s pack. Everything powers up and works just waiting on a charger now since voltage is too low to drive. Will be working on a lift kit in the mean time…

Very nice.
Would you rate it as easy so far?
If someone had the shaved batteries delivered, drop-in upgrade?
Room for two more outboard if need 100ah total.
Use the old cables. Parts left over. :slight_smile:

I just noticed the jumper between the 12 packs. How nice is that.

Yes pretty easy. Shaving the batteries and bending the original battery strap out were the hardest things. Tapping the battery two cells in isn’t for the faint of heart though :grinning:

What would that spec of battery cost to buy off the shelf? Will you be selling any in the future?

Is tapping the Plan?
Trying 100volts first, Right?
Can’t wait to see how the Volt parts work out.
I have a 24s Volt on my bench now. Tested all the parts before shipping.
Should be plug-play.

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I have it tapped now just so I could turn it on and check things out safely. Will try the full 24s when I receive your spoof.

I bought mine from a salvage car for $1900. I have seen a few separated packs on ebay for sale, some say they are even new but have spoken with them and sounded shady.
Can’t speak for Inwo he he might sell them but just a hobby for me.
And as Inwo has stated dont let them try to sell you on a 72v pack cause it will not be enough.

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I know who you mean. I’ve heard that he is not trusted by those in the know. No personal experience.
Check your full pack voltage. It won’t hurt anything to hook it up. The dc-dc can take it. As can the controller.
You may know all this. I mention it for others, following your adventure.
Car will run if it’s under 86volts. The spoof adds 15 volts to that. Top and bottom. So car won’t start if under 83 volts.
3.45/cell. Or if pack is much over 100 volts.
You can operate lower than that but it won’t restart after switching off.
That happens to me once in a while. It’s nice that you can jump the “spoof” to get to a charger.

I’ve been testing the BMS-24 with the same harness sent to you. It gives me some confidence in being plug and play. As long as it’s plugged correctly. Design uses three identical 8s plugs. This is fine for discrete packs. Once assembled into a 24s pack, plugs must be inserted in proper order. Neg to Pos.
I suggest a voltmeter test of BMS end of plugs before inserting.
I’ll post a list of voltages.

Last night cell difference was ok. About 70mv. Left BMS plugged in overnight. This AM it was 9mv. :slight_smile:
Can’t promise anything. I’m working with Grant on a way to mount the lcd display forward of driver. Factory is also looking at it as an option.

Have you tried both? Just curious if you can “feel” the difference between 22s and 24s.

Polaris is? Lithuim BMS option?

No, I jumped from 18s to 24s.
Are you running on 22s?

8kw Volt battery from ebay. < $2,000
BMS-24, MM, spoof, plug-play harness ~ $500

Yes it is running on 22s but have not driven it since cell voltage is too low and no charger yet. Have started on suspension now so is taken apart, bushings are worn out and looking at poly fitment since bushings are $20 a piece and need 12 :frowning:

This has more to do with my Tomberlin, but here’s a picture of DQ connection to white wire.
My new LTO version BMS-24 just came in an hour ago.
I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. See the led I added to my DQ interface. Also the 12.7a charge current with led on. Default setting will disable charger if a cell reaches 2.75v.

Looks good can’t wait to try it out…

I might need a tap for another project.
Here is my 22v pack tapped for 11v + 11v. Copper bars.
10-24 button head machine screws.

You could do 12+6+3 with this. 21s 50ah.
Or 2p 12s + 2p 6s + 2p 3s for 2p 21s 100ah pack.

Now that I’ve got if figured out. May just do it. :slight_smile:

Might get ahead of you. :slight_smile:
Back from my brother’s commercial band saw.
Never saw a saw that sawed like that saw sawed!