Chevy Volt batteries Lithium

Lots of questions about lithium conversions of late.

Starting thread about the High voltage Volt option.

I used 2 12s packs one on each side.
Easy bolt in. Existing cables are fine.
See picture for mounting method. Aluminum angle works well.
They come with wired bms ports for monitoring.
Stock DQ charger can be updated to charge packs to 98 volt.
Send it out. About $100 with shipping both ways.
Controller can be easily adapted to 100 volts without removing it from car.
This may not be safe for controller!
Works for a hot-rodder like myself.:slight_smile:

I make accessory harnesses and breakout board specifically for Volt.
Soon to have a plug-in monitor/bms for Volt 24s.

This is only 50ah system.

Stock soc works well.
Low end cut-out on Gem works to protect batteries.
Easy to bypass if stranded.

No reprogramming of controller needed.
MM for more speed.

Each pack is:

9” L X 9.5” W X 11” high.

2008 E4 shown.

Laying down is OK.

Starting my conversion on my 2008 e2, taking apart the Volt battery currently. Was wondering on info to send the DQ in for programming and purchasing your MM and controller mod, and possibly the BMs if you have any ready.


That’s good to see someone else going lithium. I am planing on doing that as soon as I get my cart road worthy. Rear sub frame is cracked and needs welding. The bushings all need to be replaced and the breaks need to be replaced. I was wondering if you had a total cost worked up for the conversion?

For reprogramming DQ:; Travis
What is the sn.? DQCP is the cutoff. Half are ok. DQCT and later is programmable.

Wait till you need the other parts. Don’t need them for initial testing.
Code -16 if you charge over 86v. You can test it below that to start.
The BMS is tested as of tonight. Ask Grant.
$256 delivered. Add $50 with 24s Volt specific harness, or I’ll show you how to wire your stock bms pigtails.
Did you get a deal on the Volt? Maybe you could share? :slight_smile:

I can give you some tips on breaking down the full pack.

After loosening the thru bolts, there is room to push a long ss hose clamp between sections. It holds it together until rebolted with 1/4" all-thread.

I don’t believe there is room for a 24s pack. If you make it fit, tell us how. I used two 12s packs.
If you want to use 4 X 12-packs, saw off the water jackets. (wide part toward bottom) Then two will fit between the rails.

24s is risky. If you aren’t a gambler, tap the packs 2 cells in for 22s packs.
My car works great with 24s. Untested by others however.

Found the Battery from a 12,000 mile Volt in the salvage yard was $1900.

Really appreciate the info may have some time tomorrow to work on it will get the serial on DQ.


That’s a bargain.
Save the copper strap cabling.(orange)
All the plugs, harnesses, and bms boxes on top of batteries.
See if you can find room for a 24s pack. I couldn’t. Neater than 2 X 12s.
Maybe on its side.

Well sent my DQ serial # and it is not programmable. I do also have a Zivan if any one can program them or another charger suggestion?

Yes, if you are doing 24s.
A steal on Ebay.
96v DeltaQ
New old stock. And they may put in the right profile if your lucky.
I’ll find the link.

Found it.
I should buy it myself.

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Or this new 72v for $300
Profile #123 in it now.
About 90 volts or 3.75 per cell.

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I have a used programmable. Actual Gem DQ 72v. For $250

Ok Thanks! Ordered it, profile 177 should work correct? (98.5v)

If it’s a 72v model. That’s what I use for 24s.

Ordered the first one you listed the 96v

Lithium profiles

#67: (48V 49.2V, 72V 73.8V, 96V 98.4V)
#128: (48V 54.7V, 72V 82.044V, 96V 109.392V)
#211: (48V 55.44V, 72V 83.16V, 96V 110.88V)
#163: (48V 57V, 72V 85.5V, 96V 114V)
#53: (48V 58.392V, 72V 87.588V, 96V 116.784V)
#123: (48V 59.88V, 72V 89.1V, 96V 119.76V)
#164: (48V 60.792,72V 91.188V, 96V 121.584V)
#135: (48V 62.256, 72V 93.384V, 96V 124.512V)
#177: (48V 65.688V, 72V 98.532V, 96V 131.376V)