Chevy Volt batteries Lithium

So I need to ask fo 67

I believe so, yes…

Let me know what he says. If he will send you the files, I can let you use a programmer.
Can’t go wrong!

He doesn’t have 67 either, know where I can get it? Or will I have to send it to Travis?

That’s the only solution I can think of.
No one will share. :frowning:

Ask if he will trade files.
I have #53 and lead algorithms.
Have a charger with #123 in it. 89v

Need a better hacker that can clone these.

Will do. Should have battery mounted tomorrow. Didn’t like any fitment of 24s so went with 2 12s and cut 3 water jackets. How do I go about ordering your high voltage work around and MM ?

$100 delivered. Adj-MM and voltage spoof for 100 volts.

$256 for BMS-24
$300 includes Volt specific plug in harness and DQ interface.

It won’t hold up your testing, without them.

Let’s see some pictures.
Between the frame? I believe I will do the same. Add 2 more 12 packs.
When I paralleled packs in my Timberline, made a cell to cell harness that plugged into bms ports. Then out to monitor port.
Think I’ll do the same. Using one bms- 24.

How did you cut the jackets?
Table saw? Band saw?

Will get pics and try to figure out how to upload them. I used a bandsaw, fairly easy just a little messy. I will probably start working on a lift kit since I don’t have the parts to continue. Do you take Paypal ? What kind of range are you getting on your single 24s pack?

I build some of these things as needed. Most are ready to go. Except for updating sw in BMS-24 and finding a diagram for voltage spoof.
Re-pinning 3 wires in controller plug is one way of connecting. It allows reverting to “stock”. Also includes activation of “monitor” function with GE sentry. (if ever needed) If you would rather cut wires, that works too.

Looks like you’re ahead of me on battery placement. :slight_smile:

The paypal link does not work…

Maybe something on this site…

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Nothing wrong with the site. I just tested it. See screen shot. I was able to pull it right up.

@Inwo @Dklsc

I was just looking for how to message him. I forgot!

Here to help, no worries. Let me know if you need anything else.

How do you open link?

There are two ways:

  1. copy the text: - you sent and past it in the URL line above.

  2. make it a hyper link by adding the “http://” ahead of the link and that will make it a hyperlink:

Clink on the above link and it should take you to the PayPal link.


Hey, it works.

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