RE: High Voltage lithium conversion with INWO cells

Hi Inwo,

My ego is broken. I bought a used 2006 e4, paid 4K. All batteries are more or less useless, stock motor, stock control and a delta q.

I had a local golf cart dealer/custom shop come over to check it out. He says I shouldn’t have paid more than 300 and I shouldn’t spend a dime on it. No parts, nothing but trouble. So now I want to prove him wrong and build the most bad ass gem Maui has ever seen. But I’m a little shy on electrical know how, but willing to learn.

Where should I start? Where/what should I acquire for lithium batteries, controller etc? Who is the best dealer for replacing parts like oem led read out?

I also want to do a lift and put in off-road tires, line x, lights and then upgrade some of the aesthetics after I get the mechanics all sorted.

Can you help me with the basic energy storage and management I should start with and from where?

Big thank you I’m advance for helping me make this ez go car dealer look silly!

Does it run?
Do you want to start with performance upgrades?
Buy a Chevy Bolt battery kit from @LithiumGods or myself.
Michael can sell you one for less.
He’s in Naples, Grant is in Ca., I’m in Mn.
@MikeKC is in KC.
We can all help you get it set up.
I need to make this public so others can help.

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I need a battery kit. I am in NorCal. Grant?

I have a 20s Bolt battery.
Believe @LithiumGods is sold out.
Also just finishing a 20s 75ah plug-in battery for a Gem. Includes wired bms and lcd display.
Michael may have a 24s 75ah ready to go if you are ok with high voltage.

To far to drive to Redwood City?

I would like to buy a kit as well. I am in San Jose!!! I did speak to Lithium Gods and I understand you two are buddies. Not trying to step on toes but this would be awesome as well.

Truthfully I dont even know what my range shoould be with my 6 flooded batteries now. Any insight? Sorry to hijack on this thread.

I have a brand new 20s I got from LithiumGods that I might not use.
I am in Lodi.
Pm me if you are interested

That will work. The Bolts are very limited right now.