High Voltage lithium conversion with INWO cells

Picked up a new 2014 e4 with low miles last week . My current e4 is a 2014 HP gem that I drive / race daily . It’s a great Gem but I’m bored with it and decided to do another custom . So New Gem sat for years , low miles , bad battery pack and brushes on the motor were stuck ( common problem on the 7hp Advance black motors). So Sunday afternoon , removed the lead pack , swapped motor for a R4F blue motor , reprogrammed the controller , swapped tires and wheels , Installed 25 of INWO’S green batteries . 4 hours latter , it was back on the road . This is the 3rd Inwo lithium conversion I have done so kinda knew what to expect . Gem was fast and cranked out over 20 miles . This was a good start .

Yesterday had a few hours available and decided to step it up . Gem motors love higher voltage and when given higher voltage they use less amps and therefore go farther . So added 2 more cells (27 total ) reprogrammed the DeltaqQ to 94v charge . Took awhile to top balance 27 cells but it is worth the effort . Off I went . This thing accelerates very fast , Tops speed was over 40 before speed limiter kicked in . Best part was it did over 31 miles and still had every cell over 3v . It had a few more miles left in it , but I didn’t . One of the best things is that it was still fast and would easily hit mid 30mph even after 30 miles , It never became a dog . The 2 additional cells made a nice difference but require a lot more effort on the install .

The Gem can handle one more cell but it’s already faster then I want and has a farther range then i need . So I don’t see me pushing it farther . The controller still is running the stock minimum field amperage to preserve millage and motor so i’m expecting good long term results .

The only thing I’m not happy with is the whine . I run heavy regen and this combo whines hard . It has nothing to do with the batteries and these gear boxes are known to whine a lot . Going to try a Ge motor and an Advance motor to compare the differences with the RF$ motor . Will keep everyone posted with the head on comparison . Anyone know where i can buy a 7hp Ge motor ?

Hey Mike! Your results are selling me more and more on these LiFePO4 cells. I measured the battery box in the E6 tonight. At 22.5" x 26.5" there is plenty of room so it looks like I should be able to run two 10s packs and an 8s to max it out at 28 cells. I’m thinking that extra cell would be good insurance for additional range as it sounds like there is plenty speed from your testing. I should be fine charging them with the DQDB series Delta-Q charger after programming, right?

Your charger should be able to take the lithium profiles . The nice thing about these cells is that it is easy to add or subtract cells based on you setup .

Yes, programmable.
Seems you are a couple hours from Michael? He can program chargers now.
It would be nice to ship a pallet. There are 1 or 2 others in Florida with some interest in batteries.

Will 3 x 10s fit? 24 5/8" long.
I have the green batteries and Chevy Bolt batteries in Mn.

I am, I was at his place last weekend picking up my new GEM car. :grinning:

The rear battery tray in the 2013 E6 is 26.5” x 22.5” so 3 x 10s will fit. Might be able to go as high as 5 x 10s in the rear not to mention the additional space in the middle tray. I just don’t think I need to go over 28 cells right now. If range becomes an issue then I would consider a parallel pack.

With the way the frame rails come up under the rear seat in the E6 I wouldn’t be able to lay the Bolt pack perpendicular like others have in the E4.


Hoping to fine someplace in the country that need enough for several Gems. Boxing them is a pita.
I have 7 x 10s and 4 x 5s here now. That’s all after the last test session.
Lot’s of singles though, so I can build custom packs, like 6s.
For 28s go with 3 x 10s and have a couple spares. 10s are factory strapped tighter than I can do myself.
Michael is about out, but not likely to want to buy tested cells at retail. Else a pallet would work.
Need one more guy in Florida. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen many people on here building enclosures for their lithium conversions but I guess it depends on the style of pack you’re using and some are still in R&D mode constantly swapping things in and out. Given how open it is around the battery tray and the sudden rains we get I’d feel better if it was in a sealed or more protected compartment. From what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like these batteries run hot.

Heat isn’t a problem for MN.
The boxes I’ve built were plywood. High density might be better. Spray with flexseal to make it look better.
Depends on what equipment you have access to. A hvac place could make an aluminum box for you.
My brother got a truckload of .080" al in.( I think) Helped him shear it down from 15’ sheets.
His brake may not handle it, but I can shear some flat pieces to make a box kit.
Better if I made a few though. Maybe size it for 3 x 10s. No bottom.
What am I thinking? DOH, can’t get my own stuff done…

What would it cost to send 500lb-600lb pallet to you.

I am in Ft Myers area. I do have an E4 2009 and I am looking to move from DEKA to Li.

Paging @LithiumGods

I have more if Michael runs out.

come down to Naples and you can see an install in person .

And if you bring me a beer you can even drive one of my Gems with the green cells in it :slightly_smiling_face:

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When are you planning the install? I am a few hours away and am planning to do an install…At some point.

i have 2 finished and running down here now

Too expensive! :slight_smile:
Would you settle for 1/2 of a warm beer?