New guy with a 2001 gem and want to add lithium

Well as the title suggests I want to run lithium batteries. It is stock as of now, new rims and tires today and basic maintenance completed. I am not sure where to begin but have rebuild a few engines so I have a decent amount of wrenching ability but 0 experience with electric. I live in 92549 zip and wanted to know if anyone around would want to convert it for me or at least council me through the project. Digging the car but in need a little more out of it as I live in the mountains and as it is now cuts off the power while going up a steep hill and shows a -15 code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can get all the help you need on here.
The most popular EV batteries are from Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt/Spark, Chevy Bolt, and Bosch from ???.
Some Fords are being used alone for smaller packs or in multiple.
Search LiFePo4 for reviews of some green cells that @LithiumGods and I have for sale.
Don’t listen to us though, as we sell what ever we have at the time. :slight_smile: Ask the buyers!
If you have the budget, most of us agree that the Chevy Bolt is the ultimate Gem battery. $3k plus.

I’m a new GEM owner, bought a 2013 E6 with no batteries and went straight to lithium. I chose the LiFePo4 green cells as @LithiumGods is somewhat local to me, the price was good, I like how modular they are and others have had good success with them.

Range was my only concern with this battery choice as these are 60Ah cells (though they test out closer to 70Ah). Since this is my first GEM I had an idea of the range I’d need but no actual usage pattern to base it on. So far my usage pattern has been roughly 10-12 miles per trip with one trip per day on the weekends. It takes about three hours or so to hit full charge after each trip so the range hasn’t been a concern for me yet. Based on other feedback I’m expecting my range to be somewhere between 20-30 miles but I haven’t completed a range test yet with my setup. I just put a new motor in last night and want to make some controller adjustments before attempting range tests. If range does become an issue I’d either run another 28s pack of the green cells in parallel or look at something like a Bolt pack.

I don’t have experience with the other lithium options but I hope this info helps. @LithiumGods, @Inwo and @grantwest probably have the most experience with the different lithium options. Going lithium as the first step is the right choice based on your desired outcome. If you still have issues with climbing hills you can consider different gearing or motors but the weight reduction from going lithium and running a higher voltage will be a big help.

In my opinion the biggest problem you’re going to run into or something you should look out for is when you remove the flooded lead acid batteries in your car you’re going to have a significant weight loss and therefore your shocks are going to give you a rather bumpy ride . David has a great solution for this. His Green Lithium Battery “kit” that requires assembly allows weight to be placed back in the locations it came from. Example You can remove your lead acid batteries and replace them with lithium in the same locations although it’s going to be lighter it’s better than nothing, and his kit so far seems to be some what bullet proof.

David can also set you up with a charger and a battery monitor.

A few members here have opted for the caddy of battery’s (Chevy BOLT) “Tyson” a member here has a 2001 with a 12kw Bolt battery in the front of his gem. It’s very cool

I have done multiple gems with different lithium types , Three with the famous green cells . The green cells are the easiest over all to install and customize . Standard pack is 25 cells (25s) but you can add more cells for more power . RS-E6 runs 28s . Don’t know what max is on a T1 controller. You will experience considerably more hill climbing power . I would suggest putting as many upfront where the 2 batteries are as possible , rest under the seat . A set of green batteries will cost between 1300. - 1400 depending . a set of the Bolt batteries are 3k + . Myself and Inwo have both in stock .

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With Davis voltage spoof, I think 96v is the highest a T-1 or T-2 will accept.

This is a picture of the individual cell . And The other picture is of the balancer (2) that are included with the green cells

So I’m starting this journey and am in the process of getting my green cell lithiums installed, hopefully tonight or maybe into tomorrow. They are in the process of arriving today (multiple shipments). What @LithiumGods has pictured above is pretty much exactly what I’m installing on an 06 e4. Both he and @Inwo have been really helpful and willing to share experience and knowledge. I’d highly recommend them and trust their experience. My .02

Wow thank you all for the responses! I’ve been lurking for a few months but finally joined up. So…
I think the green pack would the best option for me. I would need the “kit”? That is 25 cells? I think about 25 miles is my target for range. Also need to get a programmer and a volt gage? Also need to get updated charger? Thanks! I just picked up a set of new wheels and spacers to put on her. Thinking about trying to vinyl wrap the body parts after I finish getting the gel coat off.

Also was thinking about getting a set of takeoff shocks of a Razor side by side or something close in length to swap out. There are a lot on eBay

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We too are very happy with green LiFePO4 cells.

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you wont need a programmer up front . your charger may work , check to see which one you have . you can get and inexpensive volt meter on Ebay

I like the idea of razor shocks. I’ve got an extra set of a arms I’d like to cut up and make into long travel suspension. I’ll have to look into this during the winter.

Loving my Green LifePo4’s from @Inwo. Here’s my build: 2005 GEM E2 Lithium Conversion

Suggest you buy NEW batteries not the used ones from a junk yard like some
are promoting here. Also stay away from the the Chinese Lipo4 junk if you want
less weight and more longevity. What new electric car uses that chemistry in the US?

Hey Cruisin,

The green Cells are American made , Not Chinese . Get your facts strait .


Clearly says USA on the green LiFePO4 cells being sold here.

That means that the battery is manufactured in the US. LifeP04 all comes from China. How many car manufactures are currently using LifeP04 cells in electric cars? Wake up man, dont defend it beacause you bought it or paid less or got it from a junkie. NEVER buy a used battery, period.

What junkie did you get them from?

Are you selling junkie batteries also? Bad news.