Gem specific High Voltage Lithium conversion

I’ve been helping with a swap by Email.
Invited him to new forum.
I’ll paste some of my replies here.

Well I decided to keep the 2002 for a while. I was wondering how much would
your charge me for what I need to copy your Volt set up. I can do it, if I
have some instructions.

Glad to help.
High voltage upgrade may not be safe. It works fine for me.
You need the Volt packs. 2 X 12s 44v batteries. Ebay has great deals right
A charger. DeltaQ reprogrammed.
A small addition to controller wiring to accept high voltage. ~ $20 I’ll
send it to you.
Original cables worked for me.

New things are coming. I have a BMS-24 that allows monitoring cell voltages.
Send me the cables that come with Volt packs. I’ll wire them for you. Or I
can make new.

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This will do 3 Gems or one big one.|Model%3AVolt&hash=item58e81741d2:i:381850960338&vxp=mtr

Need 4 of these. 4kw pack.

New? ones here. No BMS harrness.

I might sell my extra pack. Where are you?

Here is one of the two pack on my bench.
Pointing at plug.
Monitor can come with two plugs. One for each 12 pack.
I fit my packs outside the frame rails.
See if you have room. 10" square footprint. Won’t fit between rails.