Double lithium pack 2015 Chevy Volt as-new 8k miles

Just finished this pack. Looking for a home.
22s or 24s 100ah lithium battery pack.
80 volt or 88 volt performance pack.
Harness, bms, and charger/programming available.
Parts only, but getting close to being a kit. Let’s see how grant does with similar.
Theoretical 50M pack. (steady, slow, and level)
Reconfigured batteries only $2000 + shipping
Tested harness $40
Bms-24t $300

25a fast charger $350 available next week.

Too big? Here’s a 55ah 24s pack. 2016 Volt

Time to go bigger.
This is the pack from my E4.
Tested to 43ah


Batteries are marked 1-4
1&2 are the neg pair connected in parallel for 44 volts. red to red & blk to blk.
3&4 are pos pair also 44 volts. red to red & blk to blk.

These pairs are connected in series plus to minus with white wire.
88 volts total. (nominal)

Bms leads to battery have 4 plugs. 2 blk must go to the 2 low side batteries. 1&2
2 plugs marked red must go to high side. 3&4

3 xh9 (red ribbon) plugs go to bms. blk=low 1-8, bu=middle socket 9-16, red=high 17-24.

If someone who has done similar would error check please?

This should be as near a drop-in (hot-rod) pack as I can make.
I can’t be there so as-is.
High voltage and current makes this risky.

It will need voltage spoof to run above 85 volts. $25
If you want a stock voltage pack I will rewire for 20s or 22s for +$100

Used DQ lithium charger +$300
Fast Chargery +$350 (off-board)