Chevy Volt packs

Extra packs. Need the room.
1 x 12s 2kw 44v
1 x 6s 1kw 22v
1 x 6s 1kw 11v + 11v (tapped)
This will allow 21s or 24s connection.
1 bms-24 prewired to pack.
1 DQ lithium charger

$1000 plus shipping on your label

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Actual picture.

Only 1/2 of the tapped battery used (if 21s pack), leaving the possibility of adding another 2kw and 1kw pack to double range.

that’s a steal for a complete lithium setup with charger

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@LithiumGods - I second that motion, a good deal indeed.

May be gone this weekend, for another application.
Depends on how many he wants. A local is stopping in.
He may just take the 4kw pack. Leaving the 2+1+1kw packs.
4kw may only be a 12 mile system.

Trying to make room for a China pack or Bosch.
I don’t like driving, only testing new things.

Here is one I’m researching.

“woody” system in a box. Charger, display, bms, Bluetooth, Gps speedometer.

The 4kwh pack in the left of 4th picture is for sale. (Red wires)
Complete with bms-24 or bluetooth bms.
No charger. All I have left is a new one.
I will program your dq at no charge.
Also includes Volt specific harness and tap at 21s. 3.5kwh

$1,100 shipped on your ups grd label

Craig is finishing the mate to this.
Hope he will report his progress.
This is minimum size. About the weight of one lead battery.
But not a lot of money for a complete package.
Expandable with more batteries.

Just finished install of Inwo’s 21s, 3.5kw system. System is a good description for this package because the only other thing I had to buy was hardware to mount it. System performs as he describes and his tech support is the best. I will post the project on the GEM Forum.

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Grant just sent a picture of his shunt mount.

I’m assuming the holes are filled with rtv or such between bolt heads and frame.

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Time to clean house. I have another truck load of batteries coming in next week.


3.5/4kwh pack with bms and dq programming.

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Still have these.
Have to ask cwmarch how many miles to expect. I only get 15 on hills.
These can be connected 21s or 24s if you want to push the limits.