Chevy Volt Batteries

Anyone live in Florida and would be interested in splitting a Chevy Volt battery pack?

See if Michael would. @LithiumGods

What year and how much

Just been looking at the ones on eBay and been looking elsewhere without much luck. I’m flexible so if someone else is interested and they want a particular year I’d be interested in splitting it.

2013 in orlando $1800
No great bargain

I will sell an extra 2016 16s Spark module for $450
I add a $250 6s module to them for a 22s Gem pack.
Not seeing much on the salvage market lately.

Thank you for the offer. I’m thinking I’d like to see if mine could handle a 24s. Also need a battery pack with at least 80ah so I won’t need to worry about running out of juice. The Chevy Volt batteries sound like the perfect solution with a great track record. Where did you find the one in Orlando? $1800 doesn’t sound bad compared to what I’ve been seeing. Thanks

407 531 7827
Green star Recyclers

Grade b, which is high miles.
Should only pay $1200 for an older battery from a salvage yard.

I think I have 3 16s spark left. See Grant’s thread on his 24s spark conversion. >100ah 10kwh.

Thanks for the reply.

How much for the 24s setup including BMS, voltage spoof, wiring and anything else that you sell that I will need.

I have a Delta Q charger 7212. Do you know if this is programable to work with lithium batteries? If not add a price of a charger.

Thanks Dave

Do you have the dimensions of the batteries? This is what I have to work with. Space shouldn’t be a problem but just want to make sure. Thanks again


Water jackets can be trimmed.
I have more than that in these batteries, so that’s batteries only with little support.
Spark makes a great setup, but involves re-configuring that takes a couple days.
I did it for a few others, but they paid $3k for the complete tested package.
Need the room for my other projects.
A month ago there was a Spark pack in Ca. for much less than I paid, but they wouldn’t ship it.
Let me check on that one for you.

They still have it in Fontana for $1900 Model year 2016.
I paid $2500 for mine. Also from Ca.

6 x 16s modules in a full pack.
If you could get it picked up and delivered for $3k. $500 per module, plus the work of disassembly and cleanup.
About the same as my $450 + shipping.
Now someone in Ca. can go there and steal it for $1900. Then sell you 1/2.

As you can see, I’m not trying to make a living. Just trying to help.

@Inwo have you ever tried to extract the individual cells from the Volt modules? I’d be very curious to see if that’s feasible but I have the perfect number on hand and can’t risk damaging one.

It’s been done. Some were for sale on Ebay.

It it was easy, we could take two 12s and make a 20s or 22s.
Too long to fit in a gem though, I bet.

Spark batteries should fit without much trouble. Reached out to a friend on the west coast but he is too far from Fontana, just my luck.

Can’t find pictures. I’ll keep looking.
What I did to the others, is to separate each 16s module into 2 8s modules.
This requires cutting the middle strap. Then connect the + to the new +, and - to the new -. That leaves you with 3 100ah+ 8s modules.
Grant put one in the middle and one on each side of his gem. The three get cabled together in series for 24s.
The tricky part, and what takes the most time is connecting the balance leads to each cell. 25 wires. B- and + of each cell 1-24.
And to complicate this configuration, each lead must be attached in two places on each module. There are 2 cell #1+, 2 cell #2+ etc. Because they need to be paralleled at each cell.
Not as complicated as it sounds, but time consuming. And that’s why it can be a $3k system when ready to drop in.

Picture of splitting a Volt module. Same as Spark.
Cut with a moto-tool or small cut-off wheel.

One of my first modules, and it looks like it’s been through a war. :slight_smile:
Putty was to keep the copper dust from shorting something.

Splitting the modules looks easy enough. I’ve done plenty of wiring in my time so if someone has a schematic of how to wire the cells to bms I should be able to work my way through it. Do you sell everything needed or would I need to source some items? I also just figured out that I will need a new charger as delta q says my charger is not programmable.