Volt pack 4 X 12s modules $1000

I have a new battery deal in the works.
Need to clear out my E4 to make room for testing.

I’ve used it for about a year I think. Have to look over my lithium posts to see.
4 X 12s modules. 2 are shaved to fit between frame.
Double volt pack.
I’m checking capacity now. Price will depend on how they check out.
Starting at 3.51 volts I have over 5kwh into them now. Up to 3.8v.
Maximum if new they would be 8kwh from 2.5 to 4.2. I don’t push them that hard.
If I get 6kwh from about 3v to 4.1, I think they would make someone happy.
I’m thinking about $1200 for the 4 with wiring harness and charger programming.
$300 for good used charger or $500 for Charger + bms/monitor.

If they fall short, I can adjust price. They are already 25% over a new single Volt pack.
Available if my bid is accepted for a truckload of single lithium cells.


I started at 3.1 volts. Near empty on fuel guage.
Max possible is 8kwh.
I never bothered to check before, as I never leave it alone. Always changing something.


Not as neat as Grant’s I’m sure.

What are you talking about that looks FACTORY. Well if the factory was in RUSSIA. LOL

Hey bottom line as long as they are mounted safe and it works that’s all that matters.

I like the biker saying “Chrome won’t Get you Home” meting all the glitz and glamor won’t help you if it ain’t done right.

Are you done yet?..

BMS is under the red insul-board.
A strap pulls it up against the center bracket. Hard foam cushion.
The rubber would be better under, now that I think about it.

Charging test shows they take full charge.
Real test is how many hard stop and go miles I get.
10 miles and 65% left on gauge.
Only drive a couple miles a day.

25 miles range in my stock E4

Need room for testing new battery pack.
4*12s Chevy Volt modules trimmed to fit.


Where are you located? I’m wondering about shipping costs.

edit hah, I bet this deal is long gone due to the date.

I forgot all about it. Why mess up a working car?
I’m still driving it. Weather permitting.
In Mn.
Will still do it for a cash deal if someone stopped in for a test ride.

I did not read my offer yet. :open_mouth:

Back on again.
Batteries are out, tested, and sitting on the bench.
Cut to fit under back seat. Notice the middle two!


About $50 x 4 to ship.
If you have a UPS/Fedex account, might be 1/2 that.
Try Uship, or I can if no hurry.

BMS-24T that I was using with them, Includes harness. $250 with batteries.

Hotrod pack. 88vnom 98v peak. Heater won’t take it for long.
Sold as-is.
Ask Grant for his opinion.
Not heavy enough for early Gems.

hey inwo
it’s ben i did all the wiring for the 6 modules done in series parallel .

as you can see the last positive and the last negative pole are next to the fuse …
could i use that Fuse to connect the Main cable and the batterie together …

Yes, the fuse can be anywhere inline. Between batteries is ok too.