Volt Batteries on Craigslist LA

Posted Saturday 7 April:


That makes a nice Gem pack.
I can always use more if they sell below market value. :slight_smile:

Tired of my Trojan wet cells. 18 months in on a new pack and one won’t charge so getting “low pack voltage” timeout. What would be a fair price per module?

That’s a fair price for 2016.
That would be $3600 for a full pack. I paid $2900 shipped for similar, but Then the pack had to be disassembled and broken down to the 12 and 16 level.
Full pack is 3 x 16s and 4 x 12s.
I like the 3 x 16s myself. It’s a huge job modifying the 16s to use in a Gem though.
The 4 x 12s are easy.
Two are enough to stretch 20 easy miles. 4 are better. Then you can run 20 miles from the sweet spot, and have 20 in reserve.

Anyone wanting super range follow the Bolt thread.
Almost ready to let loose of some, but shipping is $200+ for the 150lb 160ah package.
Gen 2 volts are 55ah x 2 = 110ah.

Where are you?
I might have a set.

Los Angeles area. Glendale