US Battery Group 31 deep cycle new x 6 $800 So. CA

Well, bought a new to me GEM with bad batteries. On 8/26/16 got a set of (6) US Battery 130aH Group 31 deep cycle batteries for $150/battery. I have paperwork and guarantees and warranties, etc.
I put em in the GEM and ran them maybe 6 cycles NEVER past 20%; in other words the batteries never went below 80% charged. Most of the cycles used 8% of the battery charge.

I pulled them out of service two weeks ago because I decided on using lithium and have Chevy Volt lithium modules installed.

I don’t need 6 pretty much brand new batteries hanging around.

My loss is your gain if you’re in So. CA area (Mission Viejo).

$750; I can possibly deliver if you’re nice enough.

I can send pics if you like. Call or text:
nine four nine nine three three nine nine oh five

Turns out I can’t figure out how to edit the title
so price is $750 not $800.

Tell me about the Volt.

Did you get 24s to work? :slight_smile:

Aw heck I can’t post a link yet.

it’s at