I'm taking a battery poll!

Well, it seems that new batteries for my 2002 GEM 2 are in my future! I know I’ve asked a few battery questions before within threads, but thought I’d be very specific this time. Which battery would you choose, or have had good/bad experience with?

  1. Size 31 Trojan FLA batteries

  2. Size 31 AGM batteries (would require a $75 update on my Zivan NG1 charger…I’ve had the micro upgrade, but need an additional upgrade to use AGM)

  3. Size 31 GEL batteries

I appreciate any and all input! Thanks, so much, for the help that you all have provided so far!

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I’d go w/ the Trojan 30XSH. FLA is a tested, proven, rugged, no muss/fuss technology at the lowest price-point for what you are using them for.

And I agree that whatever you purchase should be designed for the application in which they’ll be used. I would NOT purchase Marine deep cycle batteries to save a few bucks as tempting as that might be. Your money is well spent to get the best level of battery technology and for me at least that’s the Trojan batteries designed from the ground up for “industrial” usage cycles. If you can’t find a Trojan distributor in your area, I’d try to find something “equivalent”.

I agree with AR
2 Trojan battery’s I would get 30XHS or the T1275
The T1275 is a 150 amp hr battery and the 30XHS is a 130 amp hr battery.
The T1275 is a inc taller then the 30XHS but still fits In the gem no problem.

I will also add I think your battery’s are only as good as the charger you have charging them. No good spending 1400 on a set of new battery’s to not charge them the right way with a good charger.

As a follow on to Gwest’s comment: If you go with the Trojan T1275 batteries, per the QuickCharge Corp, a “heftier” (20A) onboard charger is recommended vs the standard 10A charger. With the standard charger it could take 12 to 14+ hours to fully charge the T1275’s.

When I last replaced my batteries w/ Trojan’s I wanted to go with the T1275 for range. Unfortunately I’d just installed a QuickCharge OBX7210 (10A) charger. They really discouraged me from going w/ the larger batteries and their 10A charger, suggesting I wouldn’t be satisfied with the results. As a result I went with the Trojan 30XSH and have been very happy with the results.

#3 The Gel batteries, if they don’t require a new charger.

Just to be clear, the Trojan 30XSH don’t require a new charger either. I replaced the existing charger because the old charger quit working and the QuickCharge unit was a heavier duty unit for less money.

Everyone’s opinion has been tremendously helpful. I’ve begun looking for Trojan 30XHS batteries, and can’t find a dealer, yet! I’ve also asked around about Deka 8G31 batteries, and no luck there, either! Certainly someone in my city would have to sell these batteries! I even called the local “Batteries Plus”, and had no luck!

Check your local Craig’s list

Here is a
Local Craig’s list seller

Checked local craigslist…no luck. I’ll keep looking. 2 local companies tried to convince me that they sell a US Battery that is comparable to the Trojan 30XSH. It is much cheaper, so I’m guessing that their definition of “comparable” is different from mine. I found one company that sells a couple of Deka batteries, but not the
8G31. Good thing is that I’m not in a hurry. Hopefully I’ll find a dealer by the time I really need one!

Contact a Trojan master distributor (Master Distributor | Trojan Battery Company) and tell them what you’re looking for and ask them who could sell them to you in your area? Or use their dealer locator (Trojan Battery - Dealers)?

BTW a lot of dealers may not stock the 30XSH but they should be able to order them for you especially since you’re ordering 6 of them around $1200 total.

I’m running the USBattery DC31XC’s I got a set of 6 for $720 they were 1/2 the price of a set of 30XHS. And I found a few local people running that said they had good results. I decided to give them a try. I recommended the 30HXS battery’s because I can’t say first hand that the US battery’s are a equivalent to the Trojan but if you look at the specs they are very close.
So I thought I would give them a try. I have had them for only a few months and so far they are working good.

One thing I can add is Quick Charge recommended a extended charge profile with the US Battery and the Full River battery’s . Unless you have a charger that can do a extended cycle then Mabey the mo re expensive Trojans are in your future

dspikes… where are you located? I looked at the Deka wedsite and found this info…
East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Deka Road
Lyon Station, PA 19536 USA
Main Phone: 610-682-6361
Customer Service: 610-682-4231
Fax: 610-682-4781

I’ve found with my '05 GEM car with the Delta Q charger that Deka is the ONLY battery that the charger likes… no if’s and’s or but’s… I stumbled on a place that sells them… seeing the sign on the building… you might call a golf course in your area for a source…

know that US Battery is making a run at the golf cart/NEV market… not sure that they are as good as Trojan who has done a good job in the market


Just curious about what you mean w/ this statement?

after the original Deka batteries were depleted and I was unable to find Deka replacements for a price I could live with… about $2000 from the dealers… I went to the Trojan AGM battery… I could not get the Delta Q charger to reprogram to the AGM algorithm and couldn’t get a full charge… after yelling… crying… stomping my feet… even getting the Trojan dealer to test and recharge the batteries I was unhappy… the dealer even offered to take the batteries back and return my money…in the mean time I’d also burned the charger out… I found a Deka dealer and replaced the pack with Dekas… that was a year and a half ago… Dekas have performed flawlessly as has the new charger… with the larger motor I probably will change the pack before summer as I see the starting voltage has dropped from the 14+volts that I got when new to 12.9 volts now and my trips have gone from the 28-30 miles to 20-24 and on cold days half that…

when I was trouble shooting the charger… I spoke to Delta Q directly and was told that their charge is made for the Deka battery


Seems to be more of a design issue w/ the charger than the Trojan batteries. You certainly do have to have a charger that works with the battery technology you’re using. Glad you got it sorted OK but that’s one of the reasons I much prefer FLA! They just seem less “fussy” to me.


my feeling what works is what we should stick with… owning and driving a GEM car should be fun… get in… sit down hang on and shut up in on my license plate holder and on a dash plate… I love my car and have learned a lot about it… still say I’m only the driver and don’t understand electricty



I agree completely. But I have to smile a bit when I look at the list of mods you’ve done to your GEM! That hardly seems to be “sticking with what works”!! You’ve done a lot of “custom” work on it and it looks good but certainly not “stock”. And for not understanding electricity, a lot of your work has involved exactly that. Me thinks you are too modest.


thanks Al… I have a great mechanic who like me is learning about the GEM car and does most of the work… I’m on blood thiners and if look at something wrong I get black and blue… cut myself and I bleed like a stuffed hog…